BUDGET 2011: ICT Budget bites

A quick look at ICT spending across a range of Federal Government departments and agencies.

Defence will be given $19.9 million over four years to improve internet amenities for Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel deployed on operations. The funding will be used to secure a single provider for the delivery of internet services for ADF personnel on operations. The funding includes $2.5 million, which will be met from within the existing resources of the Department of Defence.

The Department of Veterans' Affairs is focusing heavily on funding for fraud prevention and compliance. Accordingly, $1.7 million will be provided over four years to enable electronic data exchange with financial institutions to improve debt recovery.

Under this initiative, the Department of Veterans' Affairs will be able to request and receive customer information electronically, bringing its practices into line with those already in place in Centrelink.

"The changes will ensure a faster and more accurate assessment of overpayments, leading to a higher rate of identification and recovery of debts," the 2011 Budget reads.