Bayonetta delayed, bumped to 2010 in North America

Sega's latest press release brings bad news for the upcoming super-sexy action title , which has been delayed until January 2010. Originally scheduled as part of Sega's 2009 lineup, Bayonetta has now been slated for an "optimum release time" next year. However, if you happen to live in Japan (or prefer your games imported), Bayonetta will still be out across the Pacific this October.

Like several other high-profile titles, it seems like Bayonetta's release date is being pushed back in the hopes that 2010 will see a better economy, one where gamers actually have $60 to drop on a video game each week. That, and we're sure that Sega doesn't really want to go head-to-head with , , , and (yes, it's actually called again).

It's all very official sounding, too. Peep the press release here:

SEGA can confirm that Bayonetta will release across Western Markets in January 2010. This follows the Japanese launch of the game dated for later this year on October 29th.

"Bayonetta is an extremely important new IP for SEGA and adds a new level of depth to our growing portfolio. As a result of market analysis we have taken a Publishing decision that January 2010 is the optimum release time in the Western Markets to maximize this exciting new title's potential," said Mike Hayes, President and COO for SEGA West.

In fact, 2010 seems to be a new slate for most video game companies, as every publisher under the sun is holding their load until the year's out. for additional development time, even though it would likely sell like crazy no matter when it dropped. Sony alone is officially hedging all their bets on , which Previews Editor Travis Moses . God of War 3 wasn't seriously meant to be released this year, while and have been pushed back to avoid the holiday crush. We're also particularly sad about , too, which has also been 2010-ed.