Australian university begins BI upgrade

Deakin University is expanding its business intelligence capabilities to include reporting, analysis, scorecarding, dashboards and business event management on a single architecture.

One of Australia's largest universities, Deakin has upgraded to Cognos 8 to keep executive management and government up to date on student enrolment information.

The university first implemented Cognos in 2004 and is upgrading to Cognos 8 for increased flexibility in filtering and building ad hoc reports to support decisions across the entire university.

For example, a faculty can now look at data on student load and slice the data in any dimension to focus on specific student characteristics.

The organization also wanted the flexibility to roll out analysis, metrics, and event management capabilities to support changing business needs in the future within Cognos 8 BI's single product and architecture.

Deakin plans to expand Cognos 8 BI to report HR and financial information from several transactional data systems which reside outside the data warehouse, such as Alesco.