Australian telecoms bungle triple play bundles

Australian telecommunication companies are again lagging behind the rest of the world by not offering voice, data and video triple play bundles, according to industry analysts.

According to analyst firm IDC, Telstra and Optus remain non-committed to the services, while French, American, European and Asian telcos, who have provided triple play offerings for the past two years, are moving into multi-play deployments which pile additional multimedia streaming, home monitoring and fixed to mobile convergence (FMC) into the mix.

IDC digital consumer market analyst Sophie Lo blamed the lack of competition in the Australian telecommunications market for stalling innovation and infrastructure developments.

"We don't have a competitive telecommunications market in Australia because we have a single massive incumbent and a bunch of smaller telcos unwilling to challenge it," Lo said.

"[In 2003] Iliad, an alternative French ISP, challenged incumbent telco France Telecom by marketing a home gateway service [which] forced France Telecom to create a home gateway strategy.

"It comes down to the other telcos' willingness to challenge Telstra for the sake of innovation and competition; they could easily have enough strength to threaten them if Optus and a few others band together, but they just want to copy one another."