Apple to netbooks: Drop dead

As someone who's fascinated by the idea of Apple doing some sort of small device--not necessarily a netbook, but something bigger than an iPod touch and smaller than a MacBook--I pay close attention to what Apple says about the whole netbook market.

(If you haven't been paying attention, a is a cheap, small laptop. PC-makers are selling a lot of them. Apple doesn't make one.)

During the company's Wednesday, the analysts once again wanted to know what Apple was doing in the netbook market.

Back in , an analyst asked Apple COO Tim Cook for the fledgling Netbook market.

was that netbooks were "much less powerful" than consumers wanted, with cramped keyboards and small displays. But, Cook added, "We'll see. We are watching the space... We've got some ideas here."

If you follow Apple regularly, you'll know that the company often runs down its competitors in a category before introducing its own game-changing product in that category. Cook's past statements lead me to believe that Apple is indeed planning its own answer to the netbook--and his statements during Wednesday's conference call did nothing to dissuade me from that opinion.