Apple's iPad III

Apple neglected to give their new product a number, doesn't matter

"We cover what we cover because it's what you want us to cover. And as long as the audience comes in, we'll be there to receive you....some will immediately dismiss the thing Apple rolls out as a failure. They will note Apple already reached its high water mark, and that this thing, whatever it is, is not as good as what [other vendors] offer...[but] no matter what Apple releases, the enthusiast blogs will call It the greatest thing ever..."

-- Mat Honan,

Honan wrote his pithy piece (worth reading at , be warned the material is a bit raw) the day before Apple unveiled their iPad 3, which they're simply calling "the iPad." Not to be confused with the original iPad released in 2010 and also called "the iPad."

Think about this, in light of Honan's comments above. "This thing, whatever it is," he calls it. Apple agrees: it doesn't matter what we call it. You'll buy it.

: "Apple has sold out of initial supplies of the new iPad in every country where it will launch the tablet on Friday, and is now telling buyers that orders will not ship for up to three weeks." Hong Kong's online Apple store simply says "currently unavailable." Keizer writes that yet-to-be-shipped iPad 3 units are selling on eBay at a premium--individuals speculating in iPad futures. Who knows what they're promising in the shopping arcades of Mongkok?