Age of Conan: Free and Unrated

Funcom has announced that Age of Conan is getting a digital re-release this summer, and the game will be adopting a free to play model with optional premium subscriptions offering access to more content.

As well as the subscription option, both free and premium players will have access to a microtransaction shop where they'll be able to purchase items and mounts for their characters.

The "unrated" part of the title apparently allows the developers to stay more true to the original vision of Conan author Robert E. Howard. Funcom is developing a variety of new content for the newly-unrated version of the game, including a selection of content to tie in with the upcoming movie.

A full listing of the differences between free and premium accounts can be found on the . Premium players get more character slots, a 5% discount in the shop and access to all of the game content, while free players are more limited in their character class choices and the challenges they can take on.

Funcom hasn't announced exactly when it will be switching to the new business model, but says we can expect it to happen sometime this summer.

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