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  • Der Tag danach

    Neulich… auf dem Oktoberfest (II)

    Nicht nur Touristen aus der ganzen Welt wollen auf der Oktoberfest-Sause dabei sein. Seit vielen Jahren hat sich unter Münchner Unternehmen der Brauch etabliert, auch die eigenen Mitarbeiter zu diesem größten Bierfest der Welt einzuladen.  …mehr

  • Fujitsu workers call off strike after double inflation rate pay offer

    Fujitsu workers who are members of the Public and Commercial Services union have called off a strike after the IT company made an improved pay offer.  …mehr

  • Great Deals Give Laptop Sales a Boost

    It’s a critical time for laptops and the PC in general, with mounting signs that tablets (specifically, the iPad) are , and the fact that HP--one of the largest PC makers--may . But the laptop isn’t down and out, thanks to a late-summer surge in sales.  …mehr

  • PlayBook Software Update to Finally Add Native Email

    Research In Motion is looking to add more punch to its PlayBook tablet -- along with competitive pricing -- to spur sales.  …mehr

  • Are Mobile-Style Interfaces Leaving Desktop Users Behind?

    Microsoft certainly made a big splash with the early preview of it offered this week, and it's easy to see why: the new platform looks to be a surprisingly radical departure from the traditional Windows paradigm.  …mehr

  • Government 'backtracks' on SME promise

    The government appears to be going back on its promise to buy more services, including IT, from SMEs, according to the New Suppliers to Government working group.  …mehr

  • New book aims to help older generation with Apple's iPad

    A new book aims to help members of the older generation get to grips with the iPad.  …mehr

  • Facebook Subscribe Button Makes My Facebook Page Obsolete

    Perhaps you've heard that Facebook has been tweaking the social network a bit? In the past few weeks Facebook has implemented a wide variety of changes--many of which mimic popular features from the rival Google+, and at least one of which leaves me with little reason to continue maintaining my Facebook Page.  …mehr

  • Windows 8 to get important security tweaks

    Windows 8 will ship with a number of small but important security tweaks Microsoft hopes will make it a harder target for the viruses, worms and Trojans that were able to subvert older versions of the operating system.  …mehr

  • iPhone 5 production delays reported

    iPhone 5 production could be behind schedule, it has been reported, with the tear-shaped design seemingly causing manufacturing issues.  …mehr

  • DoHA gets data warehouse in order

    Australia's National Health Reform (NHR) initiative has taken a step forward with the announcement that it will shortly begin the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) overhaul component of the initiative.  …mehr

  • YouTube Video That Captured Senior Moments Goes Viral

    Webcams are not only hip for young people, but they also can be good for seniors even if they don't know how to use them.  …mehr

  • Researcher uncovers more SCADA zero-day flaws

    An Italian researcher has published details of a new batch of unpatched vulnerabilities found in the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) products from seven different vendors.  …mehr

  • Get the Tex Murphy Games for 50% Off

    Your weekend looking empty? Grab a fedora, pour yourself a glass of bourbon (neat), and boot up one of these classic Tex Murphy adventures, each on sale for 50% off:  …mehr

  • Remains of the Day: Bolt from the blue

    Apple describes some Thunderbolt limitations, a report suggests you might soon be able to merge multiple Apple IDs, and faux Apple Stores come to an agreement with the real deal. The remainders for Friday, September 16, 2011 are 100 percent completely and utterly genuine.  …mehr

  • SOCA to bolster data protection policies after child protection website breach

    The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) and its parent organisation the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), have made a commitment to improving the security of its websites.  …mehr

  • Classic Game Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall Worth the Fuss

    from Bethesda Softworks is the critically-acclaimed sequel to The Elder Scrolls: Arena, the very first game in the famous of PC roleplaying games. Daggerfall expands and surpasses on every aspect of Arena’s gameplay, delivering you into a sprawling fantasy world teeming with villages, tombs and castles to explore. Playing Daggerfall on a modern PC can be jarring--the game was released in 1996 for MS-DOS--but once you get used to playing a game with outdated graphics and cumbersome controls, you’ll discover a well-written role-playing game that sucks you in for hours with a surprisingly exotic and engaging adventure. Of course since Daggerfall was released in 1996 you need a DOS emulator like in order to get it running on a modern PC. For more information, check out our to playing Daggerfall on your Windows 7 PC.  …mehr

  • Artists reinvent Garbage Pail Kids

    If you grew up in the Eighties, you may well have fanatically collected and traded cards bearing images of the Garbage Pail Kids, a surreal and scurrilous parody of the Cabbage Patch Kids. The cards were produced by a New York-based company, Topps, which even today periodically issues new sets of cards featuring the characters. Now , the Los Angeles outfit that specialises in showing and commissioning art with a pop-culture theme, has decided to reinvent the Garbage Pail Kids for its latest exhibition.  …mehr

  • Windows Phone 7, Day 15: Xbox Live Gaming on WP7

    All of the smartphone platforms have games of some sort, but only Windows Phone has Xbox Live. For today's , I'm going to play around--literally--with the games hub and Xbox Live capabilities.  …mehr

  • The Macalope Weekly: Have you tried rebooting?

    While the pundits have declared Lion worse than Vista, they’ve also declared Windows 8 better than iOS and Lion! Sure, it’s not shipping for at least another year, and it’s making a lot of wild promises but, ugh, God, why are you Apple fanboys always so hung up on the linear nature of time?!  …mehr

  • The Best Free Twitter Apps for Android

    As a self-proclaimed , I like to tweet my thoughts and ramblings both at home and on the go. I used to just text my tweets to Twitter; soon, however, I discovered that I was missing out on a ton of high-quality tweets and conversations from the people I followed, since I couldn’t view the Twitter Newsfeed via text message and I wasn’t a huge fan of the Twitter mobile website. Thus I set out in search of a worthy Twitter Android app that would serve as my new way to tweet on the go. Now that I've used some of the most popular (and free) Twitter apps in the Android Market, here is my evaluation of how each one works.  …mehr

  • The Week in iPad Cases: Lock, stock, and two smoking barrels

    Gadget protection means different things to different people. For some, it's about making a fashion statement; for others, it's about keeping their devices away from sticky hands; and then there are those, like the military, whose jobs necessitate taking the concept of protection to the extreme. You'll be happy to hear that we've got them all covered in this week's iPad case roundup.  …mehr

  • BCS members cite information security as the most important skill

    BCS members have cited information security as the "most important attribute of the IT professional of the future".  …mehr

  • Facebook to Let Users Update Twitter Accounts From Its Site

    Facebook is becoming more user-friendly with Twitter as it tries to step up its game and defend against the growth of full-featured Google+.  …mehr

  • Seven Ways to Celebrate Software Freedom Day

    Today is , and that means fans of free and around the globe are celebrating all the ways it improves our lives.  …mehr

  • Online Communities Carry Risks

    Online community groups are enticing because the members share common interests. But they also can cause people to make risky financial decisions.  …mehr

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