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  • Raus aus der Krise

    Wenn es nicht mehr weitergeht

    Ein praxisorientierter Leitfaden zeigt anhand von fünf Beispielen, wie Manager aus Jobkrisen herauskommen können. …mehr

  • Top 50 Apps, Cloud-Dienste, iPad

    Die besten Tools und Gadgets 2010

    Software, Hardware, Smartphones, kostenlose Apps und Cloud-Services: Wir küren die besten Tools, Geräte und Dienste des Jahres.  …mehr

  • Von Profi-Verkäufern lernen

    Sieben Tipps für gutes Sprechen

    Ingo Vogel verrät, wie Sie im Gespräch mit Mitarbeitern, Partner, Kunden und Lieferanten die gewünschte Wirkung erzielen.  …mehr

  • FBI raids ISP in Anonymous DDoS investigation

    Authorities in the U.S. and Germany have raided Internet Service Providers in hopes of tracking down the hackers who launched distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against Web sites such as,, and earlier this month.  …mehr

  • Advanced Registry Optimizer 2010 Make It Easy to Defrag

    The Windows Registry is a major cause of system slowdowns, and can potentially lead to system crashes and conflicts. When you install or upgrade software, that software writes information to the Registry. So the more software you install and uninstall, the more clogged your Registry becomes, and the more problems your PC may have. Sammsoft's ($30, limited demo) peers into your Registry, uncovers problems, reports on what it finds, and fixes them for you. It also backs up your Registry, so that if any problems occur after cleanup, you can easily revert to the previous version of the Registry.  …mehr

  • Remains of the Day: Danse macabre

    Once again, the iPhone stops crime in its tracks; Apple kicks another sneaky camera app to the curb; and it’s time for a game of musical mortality chairs. Get ready to close out 2010 in style with the remainders for Friday, December 30.  …mehr

  • Google takes heat over Android tablet OS

    Android device makers around the world are anticipating great things from the next version of Google's mobile software, and they need the boost. Apple has a strong head start with sales of its popular iPad, while the App Store and iTunes give it apps and content, to boot.  …mehr

  • Over half of 16s to 18s think they know more about tech

    Microsoft research shows that 58 percent of UK 16-18 year-olds believe they have a greater understanding of IT than their ICT teachers.  …mehr

  • The Top 10 Software Downloads of 2010

    The is a treasure trove of free software. Featuring 1,800 free downloads for PC, Mac and smartphone, we review the latest and best software apps.  …mehr

  • EDF Energy signs management and PCI compliance deal

    EDF Energy has signed a three year contract with Outpost24 to provide vulnerability management and PCI compliance scanning activities.  …mehr

  • Classic Casual Game Bejeweled 3 Dazzles

    Bright colors, chipper music, a straightforward game mechanic with many subtle variations...and horribly addictive? Yes, it's another PopCap game--this time, the latest incarnation of perpetual favorite . After nine years, though, can there be anything more to add to "slide gems to form lines"? Oh, yes. Start playing ($20, one-hour free demo) now, and you may just miss the ball dropping at midnight.  …mehr

  • Group test: what's the best webcam?

    tests seven webcams and reports on the visual dimension each adds to online chat.  …mehr

  • Clearwire Chairman Craig McCaw to resign

    Clearwire Chairman Craig McCaw, who founded Clearwire's predecessor company in 2003, is set to resign on Friday.  …mehr

  • How to: The Top 10 Tech Tutorials of 2010

    One of the key functions of the PC Advisor website is to help technology users. We offer free tech support in the Helproom Forum, and hundreds of technology tutorials both big and small. Search around on PC Advisor and you'll find advice on everything from ultra-techie niche problems, through simple home entertainment setup to tips on keeping your PC in tip-top condition.  …mehr

  • N.O.V.A. 2 for iPhone

    With the release of the original N.O.V.A., drew a well-defined line in the sand on what a first-person shooter should look (and feel) like on an iOS device. Since then, other games, like id’s Rage, and even Chair Entertainment’s Infinity Blade, have redefined our expectations in terms of graphical capabilities and gameplay complexity.  …mehr

  • Worst security disasters of 2010

    This was the year 'security' morphed into the more serious-sounding 'cybersecurity'. Or, to put it less portentously, the US military and Government had a real shocker.  …mehr

  • Poll: 32% didn't do any Xmas shopping online

    A of 3,094 site visitors has found that, despite this year's appalling weather and the increasingly widespread access to high-speed web connections, online Christmas shopping remains a clear second choice to the joy of visiting the shops in person.  …mehr

  • Save E-Mail Attachments to Android Phones

    If you use an Android phone, you almost certainly use the bundled --and you almost certainly have encountered the annoying inability to save e-mail attachments onto your device. The Gmail app gives only a "preview" option for a limited number of file types. Since Gmail is otherwise so useful as a catch-all filing cabinet for miscellaneous files, this shortcoming cries out for a remedy. Save My Attach does what it says, without any fuss.  …mehr

  • The Macalope Weekly: Wrong about the iPad

    It’s the end of another year and the time when pundits reflect on their commentary over the year and repent.  …mehr

  • 2010 in review: Apple as a business

    2010 was a great year for Apple the business. Though we won’t know the results of this holiday season until January, it’s worth taking a look back at Apple’s fantastic fiscal 2010 (which ran from October 1, 2009 through September 30, 2010).  …mehr

  • 2010 in review: The year for the Mac

    In 2010, iOS (Apple's mobile operating system) and iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) for much of the year. And for over nine months, Mac users saw the usual computer updates from Apple, but not much else. The combination of the iOS success and the stagnant Mac led some vocal tech analysts, pundits, and even Mac users to ponder anymore. Some even went so far as to declare the Mac dead.  …mehr

  • Basic Windows 7 Tutorial

    Susan Kindler, a self-described "newbie to Windows," asked me about a good Windows 7 tutorial.  …mehr

  • Lok-It Pocket Drive

    If you're looking for software-less secure flash storage, then the drive is your product. It's secured by entering a PIN via a numeric keypad on the top of the drive, with no software involved at any level. This means the drive works with all operating systems and isn't vulnerable to code hacking and key logging. It also means that workplaces that don't allow executable files that run on drives that will be plugged into their computers can rest easy.  …mehr

  • The Top 10 Most Popular Products of 2010

    In the past year PC Advisor has reviewed around 1,500 of the top technology products released in 2010. Roughly 15 million people viewed these reviews, choosing an interesting array as their most popular reviews of products released in 2010.  …mehr

  • Group test: What's the best photo printer?

    Can an A4 colour inkjet rival a dedicated for print quality? PC Advisor reviews eight of the best single- and multifunction photo printers for Jan 2011.  …mehr

  • Remote Conductor app makes iPad a Mac input device

    Mobile software developer m3me has released the $10 , which makes your iPad a new input device for your Mac.  …mehr

  • Apple in 2010: part 1, iPad, iPhone 4, and more

    One way to look back at 2010 is to observe the stories that gained the most page impressions on the Macworld UK website. Gathered together they certainly tell a tale, while there are some surprising inclusions, it does give some indication as to what information people were seeking in the year that bought us the iPad, iPhone 4, and iOS 4.0.  …mehr

  • Handwriting fonts resurrect a lost cursive art

    I don't particularly like my handwriting—neither did my third grade teacher. Maybe that's why I'm attracted to professional fonts that look like handwriting. Or maybe it's because they're just plain awesome.  …mehr

  • 20 Mobile Apps to Help Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

    What is your New Year's resolution for 2011? Planning on getting fit, eating well, staying organized or just watching how you spend your money? Researchers at the University of Scranton found in a 2002 study that only 46 percent of people making New Year's resolutions will still be on track by the summer.  …mehr

  • How to: 10 key technology tutorials from 2010

  • Facebook Scare Tactics Knocked by Security Pro

    Have you received a warning from Facebook that your account protection is "very low?" Don't panic. Your security settings may be stronger than Facebook would lead you to believe -- and that's ticked off one security expert. "The suggestion that users' accounts currently have a protection status of 'very low' is entirely misleading and stinks of scare tactics," declared Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant with security software maker Sophos.  …mehr

  • UK card association tries to suppress student research

    A row has broken out between Cambridge University and the UK's credit and debit card industry over a student's work on the flaws of chip-and-pin.  …mehr

  • World Of Warcraft Meets Kinect

    Being a nerd's nerd, I of course put in my time running the gamut of MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games) titles, culminating in a 20-odd hour a week part time job raiding in World of Warcraft. 40 of us would spend long evenings night after night trying to kill various and sundry monsters for loot. Needless to say, this wasn't a very healthy hobby.  …mehr

  • Cornwall promises £20m savings through new ERP system

    Cornwall Council has said it will save £20 million over five years with the deployment of a new £7 million Oracle ERP system.  …mehr

  • Poll: E-cards more popular than Christmas cards

    A of 1,507 site visitors has found that electronic 'e-cards' are now more popular than physical Christmas cards, with just under half (49.9 percent) reporting that they only sent e-cards this year.  …mehr

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