Meldungen vom 26.06.2010

  • Remains of the Day: From Russia with techno-love

    With , the Internet has settled down to a nice simmer over . While better minds than ours debate the proper etiquette--maybe you should hold your pinky out, like you're drinking tea!--let's investigate the remainders for June 25, 2010. …mehr

  • Smartphone Smackdown on PCWorld Podcast #82

    It's a smartphone smackdown between Apple's iPhone 4 and the Android Army this week; listen in as your favorite PCWorld editors discuss the relative merits of the multiple new handsets available this summer. …mehr

  • Geek 101: Multitasking and Your Smartphone

    Multitasking is generally understood as the ability of an operating system to run several applications at once. While the definition is fairly simple, as we've seen with releases of Android OS and Apple iOS4, the reality can be significantly more complex. …mehr

  • CyberPower Gamer Ultra 9000

    The CyberPower Gamer Ultra 9000 desktop PC is a weird yet pleasing mashup of a mainstream PC's price and a performance PC's specifications list. It wouldn't be fair to measure this system against competing , as its cost--a mere $1299 (as of June 24, 2010)--is far below that of a conventional performance desktop. Among machines in the , however, the Gamer Ultra 9000 holds its own against some of the fastest models the class has to offer. …mehr

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