Meldungen vom 05.04.2010

  • Flash-Festplatten über 300 Euro

    Die besten High-End-SSDs im Test

    In der SSD-Luxusklasse dominiert die SLC-Technik. Zudem finden sich hier Flashspeicher-Festplatten mit hoher Kapazität. Der Test stellt die besten SSDs über 300 Euro vor. …mehr

  • iPad Versus the iPhone: Why I Don’t Need Both--Yet

    One of the biggest misconceptions about the Apple iPad is that it is essentially a larger iPhone or iPod Touch (I’ve also heard the term “iPhone on steroids” thrown around). This is simply not true: The iPad and iPhone are completely different beasts when it comes to hardware, software and what you can actually do on each device. That said, the two devices still share a lot of the same functions: Both allow you to play games, browse the Web, send e-mails, watch videos and listen to music. …mehr

  • iPad Stress Tests: Buy a Case and Don't Drop It

    If you get an iPad, make sure to buy a protective case for it. Compared to the iPhone, Apple's latest tech toy is more prone to easy damage. …mehr

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