Meldungen vom 04.04.2010

  • iPad teardown reveals first-rate design, build

    The is the best-built first-generation mobile device Apple has ever produced, the owner of an iPod and iPhone repair company said yesterday after disassembling the new tablet. …mehr

  • iPad is problematic, promising e-reader

    Like a lot of other e-book lovers, I have waited patiently for the release of the , wondering how iBooks and the slate-as-e-reader experience would compare to dedicated devices such as the and the . Now that I've spent a few hours with the iPad and test-driven the three e-book apps that were available on launch day, I'm loving my Kindle more than ever. …mehr

  • iPad vs. Netbook: It's a Close Call

    Ever since Steve Jobs got on stage to announce the iPad, actual and prospective users have been comparing it to a netbook. Will the iPad replace netbooks? Well, a netbook has a full keyboard, runs complete operating systems, and can basically run any application you choose--so it has to be the superior PC companion device, right? We pitted the iPad against the netbook in a number of important categories, and found that the contest is closer than people might expect. …mehr

  • Microsoft ending support for Itanium

    Due to a reporting error, some of the statements made by Burton Group analyst Nik Simpson were incorrectly attributed in the story posted today, "Microsoft ending support for Itanium".  …mehr

  • Microsoft ending support for Itanium

    Microsoft is ending its support for Intel's Itanium processor with the current version of its Windows Server OS, according to a Microsoft blog posting Friday. …mehr

  • Google Buys Episodic

    Google has made its fifth acquisition of the year: video service Episodic, which is presumably being drafted to help out with the Google-owned Youtube video service. …mehr

  • Apple iPad Delivers on Entertainment, but Lacks Productivity

    The Apple iPad ushers in the era of tablet computing, with a slate-style handheld that looks nothing like a typical computer. in fact, the iPad is more reminiscent of an oversize iPhone than a laptop. But because the iPad's screen is three times larger than that of the iPhone/iPod Touch, you'll be tempted to use the iPad for activities you wouldn't consider doing with an iPhone. Innovative apps and content optimized for the spacious, high-resolution touchscreen make the iPad a treat to use. Nevertheless, the iPad's other limitations make it hard to recommend as a replacement for (rather than as a complement to) the devices you may be carrying around today. …mehr

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