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  • Group test: The Top 5 MP3 Players of March 2010

  • Pocket Chef for iPhone

    Developed by , is a cooking simulation game for the iPhone designed for the cooking-impaired. The app features 25 different recipes, some of which need to be “unlocked” by completing simpler and more familiar recipes. Each recipe requires a variety of different cooking skills that manifest themselves in mini-games with handy introductory tutorials. Pocket Chef tasks its players with cutting onions, stirring curry spices, spreading glaze on bread or deep-frying chicken at any given time. Each mini-game is pretty easy to get the hang of, and as you advance to more complicated recipes, the tutorials found earlier in Pocket Chef gradually disappear. An instant cooking mode allows you to easily re-cook any recipes that you have already unlocked. …mehr

  • PayPal users close accounts after Cryptome attack

    PayPal users have reacted angrily to the suspension of Cryptome's account by the e-payment company and are using to display their emails, cancelling their PayPal accounts.Although PayPal has now restored Cryptome's account, it was suspended for several days following and the temporary shutdown of Cryptome by its hosting company.Faced with criticism over its heavy-handed approach, that it had not wished Cryptome to be shut down "While Microsoft has a good faith belief that the distribution of the file that was made available at that address infringes Microsoft's copyrights, it was not Microsoft's intention that the takedown request result in the disablement of web access to the entire website on which the file was made available," said the company's counsel, Evan Cox. …mehr

  • SXSW Notebook: Geolocation, Geolocation, Geolocation

    Worn Chuck Taylors. Plaid thrift-store shirts. iPhones. Margaritas. Barbeque. Cowboy hats. You guessed it; I'm at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. …mehr

  • iPad Swapped if its Battery Fails, Apple Says

    If you're one of the folks (or as others have said, "") who have already decided to hand over a few Benjamins for , chances are you haven't given much thought to what happens if your battery goes bad. Rest assured that Apple is one step ahead of you. …mehr

  • GDC: Mac gaming talk of town, among winners at award shows

    On Saturday, the wraps up at San Francisco's Moscone Center. By all accounts, it's been a very exciting week for Mac gaming. …mehr

  • Molding the iPad into a Business Tool

    The Apple iPad has been available for pre-order for more than 24 hours now. Initial demand seems promising, although not everyone has embraced the concept of dedicating $500 or more to be an early adopter of a device that nobody really has all the details on just yet.  …mehr

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