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  • Karriere 2010

    Top-Absolventen haben es schwerer als Otto-Normal-Bewerber

    Was sind die Karrieretrends 2010? Die Hamburger Autorin Karriereberaterin Svenja Hofert beschreibt sieben Trends. …mehr

  • Rayman 2 coming to iPhone, Ubisoft isn't publishing it

    While we're pretty psyched to see that Rayman 2: The Great Escape will land on the iPhone on Monday, the game's publishing situation is also of great interest, as the game will be brought to market by the more season iPhone developers at Gameloft. Even though Ubisoft has been more proactive lately when it comes to iPhone game publishing, putting out the likes of on the platform, the fact that one of the company's oldest IPs is being handled by another company seems a bit strange.  …mehr

  • PayPal to resume bank withdrawals by Indian exporters

    PayPal said that India's central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), has allowed it to resume Indian bank withdrawals for Indian businesses who use PayPal to sell their goods or services abroad. …mehr

  • HP LaserJet CP4025dn: One of the Best

    The HP Color Laserjet Enterprise CP4025dn is a workgroup with speed and features to spare. Though not quite as fast as the , the HP costs a little less ($1300 as of February 24, 2010) and offers smoother print quality. Its toner costs are economical, too. …mehr

  • Jabra Headset: Stylish Looks, Handy Charger

    It's not often that a product lives up to its name, but the Jabra Stone ($130, price as of February 10, 2010) does so quite literally. This sculpted black fits so neatly into its charging base that the combination looks like a smooth, black, plastic stone--albeit one with a micro-USB socket and a Jabra logo. …mehr

  • More than 100 companies targeted by Google hackers

    The hackers who broke into Google two months ago have gone after more than 100 companies, according to an estimate by security vendor Isec Partners. …mehr

  • D&D Online: Eberron Unlimited reaches 1 million subscribers

    In a world dominated by Warcraft, it's a rare sight to see another MMO make its mark in the marketplace. Aion has managed moderate success in the US to match its dominance in Asia, and it looks like Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited could join them as a standout MMORPG star. Turbine Inc. sent out an announcement today stating that it's five month old MMO has already amassed over a million members, though it's tough to discern how many players are paying the publisher. …mehr

  • Dell's 5130cdn Laser Printer: Fast and Furious

    The Dell 5130cdn aims high--and on nearly all counts, it succeeds. It has the speed and features that a high-volume office needs, and it's also on target with its nearly perfect print quality. The price is high ($1549 as of February 16, 2010), but over the long haul its superlow cost per page will save you money. …mehr

  • Jawbone Icon: An Upgradable Bluetooth Headset

    The shape is the same, and so is Aliph's distinctive noise-cancellation technology, but the new Jawbone Icon ($99 as of February 10, 2010) series of sports a bit of style and a new level of user customization. And you can upgrade them in a manner usually reserved for cell phones and computers: with applications. …mehr

  • This Week In Geek: Mobile Hacks, Power, Hands-On Computing

    Another week, another roundup of what you may missed in the world of geek. During the past seven days we've looked at how to hack your Windows Mobile phone to run Android, how one design student is looking to save the world one power outlet at a time, and how you can get more hands on with your computers. …mehr

  • TigerText: The App for Spies and Cheaters

    If you've ever sent a text message that you've later regretted sending (, I'm looking at you), then a new texting application just released for the iPhone could be your new best friend. Called (ironic, isn't it?) from a company of the same name, the texting app lets users set a time limit for text messages -- and when the time is up, the messages will self-destruct and be wiped from the original phone, the receiving phone, and the server. …mehr

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