Meldungen vom 26.12.2009

  • Samsung DualView TL225

    The 12-megapixel Samsung packs various never-before-seen features into a single point-and-shoot camera. As a feat of engineering and design, it's an astounding piece of work. Performance-minded photographers, however, will see past those nifty features and demand better battery life, sharper photos, and more manual settings for the price. …mehr

  • FarmLand for iPhone

    is a charming, $2 casual strategy game for the iPhone from . It looks good, and it's fun to play. The game starts slowly, but in spite of its repetitiveness, becomes an increasingly addictive diversion. …mehr

  • Why Can't the Law Get the Crooks?

    Victor Rodriguez wants to know why law enforcement agencies can't stop the criminals infecting our PCs. …mehr

  • Day 1: iTunes 12 Days Of Christmas -- Snow Patrol recording

    Hope you are enjoying your Christmas. Apple's iTunes 12 Days Of Christmas has kicked-off with a bang on Boxing Day. The first product is a digital only recording from indie rock favourites, Snow Patrol. …mehr

  • Buyers' guide: Storage Arrays

    Investing tens of thousands of dollars on a storage array is not a process to be taken lightly. It is, however, an opportunity to set the organisation up with a sound and scalable storage strategy that continues to provide savings down the track. …mehr

  • IT key to Sydney to Hobart competitors' chances

    Whichever vessel comes storming into Hobart to take line honours in the iconic yacht race that kicks off on Boxing Day this year, you can be sure they relied heavily on their IT systems. …mehr

  • eStarling TouchConnect WPF-588

    Sometimes it just doesn't seem right to call products like eStarling's "digital picture ," because manufacturers are adding features that allow such products to do more than simply display digital photos. Like many frames, the TouchConnect WPF-588 can access the Internet, making it more like a Internet kiosk for your living room than a frame. The frame also features a touchscreen interface that has potential, but currently has a few quirks. …mehr

  • Make CDs, DVDs Look Great

    Do you burn CDs or DVDs of your photos, your presentation, or your playlists? If so, and if you want your disc, its case and insert to have a slick, professional look, take a look at ($25, 15-day free trial). …mehr

  • Slingshot Cowboy Plus for iPhone

    by is a simple casual game with cute cartoon graphics and fun sound effects. The only skill to master is your slingshot. By pulling back on your slingshot, you can launch rocks at grazing cows. Three direct hits and you knock them to the ground. Knock enough cows down and you'll advance to the next round. There are seven locations with bonus rounds in between, but the gameplay remains the same throughout. …mehr

  • Freebie FixWin Solves Simple Windows Problems

    Looking for a fix to a simple problem in Windows Vista or Windows 7? (free) offers one-click solutions to dozens of Windows problems. Run the program and look through its menu for a description of your woe. When you find it, click a button, and your problem should be fixed. I used it to restore my Internet Explorer icon, for example, and it worked without a hitch. …mehr

  • Getting started at the App Store

    Perhaps you were fortunate enough this morning to find a brand spanking new iPhone or iPod touch under the tree. And doubtlessly, you demonstrated the appropriate level of gratitude to whichever friend/loved one/North Pole denizen was thoughtful enough to give you such a present. Now there's just one more bit of business before you pour that next cup of egg nog and start tapping away to your heart's content. …mehr

  • Decade Review for iPhone

    Not to sound pedantic or anything, but the decade that was "the Aughties" doesn't really end on January 1, 2010. The way it's supposed to work is, decades begin with year one and end at year 10. Hence, the new decade really starts on January 1, 2011. But Y2K mania blew up that long held understanding in the popular imagination, so we're being inundated with retrospectives of The Decade That Was right now. …mehr

  • Turn Footage Into Movies: Muvee makes it easy

    Most of the time, vendors are fudging a bit when they tout ease of use, but Muvee's ($80, watermarked demo) is truly the easiest movie production utility I've ever used. It doesn't offer quite the granular control that pros or aspiring pros will desire, but there are more editing functions than a first glance will divulge. And for the average user who just wants something good-looking in a hurry, it's more than powerful enough. …mehr

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