Meldungen vom 05.12.2009

  • Despite the Cost, SSDs Are a Great Value

    Solid-state drives recently hit the 1-terabyte mark with the release of the $3,300 . Obviously, drives at this price point are not aimed at masses. Yet, from a historical perspective the Colossus is remarkably cheap. It's easy to forget that just a few short years ago, neither mainstream SSDs nor 1TB drives existed at any price. It's also important to remember that smaller, affordable SSDs are available today and represent an incredible value. …mehr

  • HSBC exposed sensitive bankruptcy data

    HSBC Bank says a bug in its imaging software inadvertently exposed sensitive data about some of its customers going through bankruptcy proceedings. …mehr

  • Sunsoft returns, releasing Blaster Master on Virtual Console

    Late yesterday, a partnership between Gaijinworks, a 3-year old US publishing outfit and Sunsoft, a 38-year old Japanese development company was announced that will allow the former to publish some of the latter's most popular titles, with the potential for new games to spring from the collaboration. The first game to see publication as a result of the deal is a Virtual Console re-release of the classic NES shooter Blaster Master coming to the service this month. …mehr

  • Hearst's Skiff plans e-reading service around content

    The Hearst publishing company unveiled its long-awaited e-reader plan on Friday, describing an "e-reading service platform" coming next year that will distribute content from multiple publishers to a variety of wireless mobile devices. …mehr

  • Early Intel Core i9 Makes Its Way Onto Ebay

    An early engineering sample of Intel's upcoming Core i9 chip has been spotted on eBay, way ahead of the processors' scheduled 2010 release date. …mehr

  • Intel delays Larrabee graphics processor

    Intel is delaying the commercial release of its Larrabee graphics processor, which had been due out next year, and is not providing a new launch date. …mehr

  • iGo Green Power Charger

    The latest charger from iGo aims to make it easy to be green. The $100 uses only the precise amount of energy your laptop requires, and can automatically shut off if need be when not in use. …mehr

  • Android SDK Doesn't Address Issues Faced by Developers

    has released a new version of the . Version 2.0.1 is a minor update to the Android platform, not a significant release, and it doesn't address the most serious issues faced by Android developers. …mehr

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