Meldungen vom 21.11.2009

  • Global warming research exposed after hack

    An anonymous hacker has posted private e-mails, files and other documents belonging to a noted climate researcher, sparking an international debate between skeptics of global warming and those who see it as an urgent problem. …mehr

  • Google Chrome OS on the PC World Podcast

    In this week's special (and slightly long) episode of the PC World podcast, editors Robert Strohmeyer, Tim Moynihan, Melissa Perenson, and Nick Mediati discuss the just-announced Google Chrome OS. …mehr

  • Ruby shining on Java, Windows, and Mac OS

    Ruby, the popular open source dynamic language, is making headway not only on Java but also on the Windows and Mac platforms. …mehr

  • LG NAS Adds Blu-ray Drive

    LG's N4B1 is neither a comprehensive media server nor a particularly fast performer, but as a network-attached storage device, it's quick enough for home/small-business file serving. The unit--available at this writing for around $700--is also the sturdiest and quite possibly the best-looking such box I've had my hands on. You also can't beat it's HTML configuration interface for looks or ease of learning and use. But none of that compares to the 's most outstanding feature: an , unique among NAS products in the SMB/SOHO market. …mehr

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