Meldungen vom 26.09.2009

  • Palm snags prominent Web technologists

    Two dignitaries in the JavaScript development space who have led the Mozilla Developer Tools Lab have joined Palm as directors of the Palm Developer Relations team, according to blog posts. …mehr

  • AT&T accuses Google of violating telecom law

    AT&T on Friday accused Google of violating the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules by blocking Google Voice calls to some rural areas. …mehr

  • Sib Icon Editor Lets You Make Your Own Icons

    ($30, 30-day free trial) is a neat, all-in-one icon editor package that extracts, edits, and saves icons in a no-nonsense interface. Sib Icon Editor is on version 5, and by now they've made all the above features robust and working correctly. The icon editor is especially nice, as it includes the requisite paint, paintbucket, color picker, and other useful image editing features. …mehr

  • UNC data breach exposes 163,000 SSNs

    The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill today began notifying about 163,000 women about the potential compromise of their Social Security numbers and other personal information after a hacker breached a system containing the data. …mehr

  • Trends: Smaller, Faster, With Intel Everywhere

    The yearly Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco is a great place to catch up on not just but also the entire trajectory of the PC and consumer electronics industries. Dominating the 2009 show were the usual announcements and demos of "smaller and faster." If this year's gathering saw any significant difference, it was Intel's vision of x86 IA (Intel Architecture) chips everywhere, in PCs, mobile Internet devices, phones, TVs, set-top boxes--you name it. …mehr

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