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  • Voice-to-text deal could spur new mobile services

    Two vendors of mobile voice technology have teamed up to power carrier services that transcribe voicemail messages and conference calls into text.  …mehr

  • Spotify brings back invitation-only format

    Swedish internet music streaming service has returned to the invitation-only format it used before its popularity surged. …mehr

  • New iPod Touch Holds Secret 802.11n Wi-Fi, Camera Slot

    A recent tear down of the new third generation iPod Touch reveals that the device is sporting an 802.11n Broadcom chip along with enough space to house . …mehr

  • Business iPhone apps finder adds new category, products has expanded its iPhone business apps catalog -- an interactive listing of Phone apps of use to professionals, businesses, and IT staff -- to include communications-oriented apps. This brings the number of categories to 24 categories. InfoWorld's editors also added nearly 20 new apps to the finder across several categories, bringing the total number of selected apps to more than 230. …mehr

  • The Macalope Weekly: It wasn’t only rock and roll, but did you like it?

    Hey, has anyone seen the Tupperware the Macalope keeps that Beatles rumor in? Yes, another Apple music event has come and gone, leaving us to reflect on why Apple failed to announce all the stuff we made up. But no camera in the iPod touch? That seemed like such a sure thing! Well, maybe not. And sensitive readers may not want to read the last bit where the shocking truth about Apple is revealed! (Spoiler: turns out they sometimes make mistakes!) …mehr

  • CIOs leading companies out of the downturn

    CIOs are at the forefront of leading organisations out of the current downturn. Exclusive research carried out by CIO UK and global recruitment and professional services supplier Harvey Nash reveals how CIOs being called on to drive change, efficiency and leadership.Over 1,300 CIOs and IT leaders across Europe were surveyed by Harvey Nash and CIO UK as part of the . The strategic importance of the CIO and the understanding by management boards of IT was startling. Seventy-four per cent of the CIOs surveyed said that the current down turn was a good opportunity to raise the profile of IT.The CIOs surveyed were implementing new strategies to during the downturn. Projects being launched by CIOs include change projects that reduce costs and improve efficiency, internal collaboration, improved customer interaction using IT, business intelligence and improved systems for working with suppliers. also found that the majority of CIOs across Europe were in IT leadership positions during the 1999 to 2000 downturn when the dot com bubble burst. Seventy-two per cent of CIOs were in leadership positions a decade ago., the financial services online market place, told CIO UK, "In the last downturn I learned how to negotiate contract and to understand the market better as well as developing good people skills." John Whiting, head of the CIO Practice at Harvey Nash said it is these business focussed skills that CIOs learnt from the last downturn that are making them critical members of the management team in this down turn.To read the full CIO UK Harvey Nash report , . …mehr

  • Blue Coat expands visibility with new PacketShaper release

    Blue Coat Systems has expanded its with a major version that can now dig deeper into the network, to provide network administrators with a greater granularity of control over the business . …mehr

  • Chinese eBay rival aims for 1 billion global users

    The company known as "China's eBay" will aim for expansion abroad in the long term, but first it wants more foreign products sold on its platform in China, it said Saturday. …mehr

  • Patience Grasshopper: Wait to Update Jailbroken iPhone to 3.1

    If you have a jailbroken and were wondering if you should update to 3.1 via , do yourself a favor and just wait a . As with every other major iPhone software update, 3.1 adds a slew of cool and bug fixes, as well as breaks the current jailbreak exploit. Nothing shocking here, as this cat-and-mouse game has been going on between and the Dev-Team hackers since 1.1.1.  …mehr

  • Palm Pre to be unveiled in UK next week

    The is set to be officially unveiled in the UK on Tuesday. The touchscreen smartphone, dubbed this year's iPhone killer, will make its UK debut at a press event on 15 September. …mehr

  • Intel announces storage- and communications-specific processor

    Intel Corp. today announced it will be shipping an enhanced version of its dual-processing Nehalem Xeon chip that is aimed specifically at the data storage and communications market with the ability to natively create RAID and is integrated with PCI Express (PCIe). …mehr

  • iTunes 9

    Last September, Apple debuted , which brought some major new features (Genius playlists, a new visualizer), a number of refinements for browsing and managing your media (Grid view, better podcast controls), and new iTunes Store offerings (HD TV shows, a new store design). Only a year later, we're already at . (Old man voice: --) But if you're wondering if the 9 just means "another year gone by," rest assured that the latest iteration of the company's do-everything media program offers a number of significant improvements, including several that have been on wish lists for years. …mehr

  • Symark International buys BeyondTrust

    Security vendor Symark International has bought BeyondTrust, a Portsmouth, New Hampshire, software company that sells a privilege access product similar to Symark's. …mehr

  • iTunes 9: the stuff that dreams are made of?

    Last month I put together a I wanted to see in iTunes 9, and this week Apple released iTunes 9, much to the shock and amazement of the Mac press (or, at least, those who were sleeping or unconscious). How many of my wishes came true? …mehr

  • Symark International buys BeyondTrust

    The story headlined "Symark International buys BeyondTrust," and posted Friday has been removed from the wire. Online editors are asked to immediately remove the story from Web sites. The news was embargoed and the story was posted accidentally. Questions regarding the story should be directed to Marc Ferranti, IDG News Service executive news editor. …mehr

  • 11n Wi-Fi chip discovered in new iPod Touch

    The new Apple iPod Touch uses a Wi-Fi chip that can support the just-approved high-throughput 802.11n standard, though Apple apparently has not switched on the cranked-up wireless link. …mehr

  • Eucalyptus CTO discusses open source clouds

  • Make Tiny Images Bigger With SmillaEnlarger

    If you've ever tried to work with small images, like the kinds generated by cameraphones, you know how frustrating it can be to turn them into something printable (or in some cases, easily viewable). Most image editors make an attempt to smooth and sharpen, and some add a bit of "noise" (random data, which, counterintuitively, can make an enlarged picture look a bit sharper) to enlarged images,. But I haven't seen any of them do as good a job as (free) can do at taking tiny bitmap files and turning them into usable, full-size images. …mehr

  • Superfast Wi-Fi Standard 'n' Official: Consumer FAQ

    A new standard for Wi-Fi communication, 802.11n, is now official paving the way for faster, more reliable, and more efficient wireless networks. That means improvements to streaming of HD content, better performance for applications running on a Wi-Fi network such as VoIP, and longer laptop batter life given 802.11n chips use less power. …mehr

  • Why the Cliq Won't Click

    Motorola's Cliq has a , but ultimately lacks the chemistry to capture any significant portion of the smartphone market or to Motorola. …mehr

  • BT reveal disaster recovery for call centres

    has launched a number of offerings to improve business continuity in adverse circumstances. These can include major disasters such as fire, flood or acts of terrorism but also transport disruption caused by poor weather conditions. …mehr

  • Make Desktop Windows Fall in Line With Gridy

    (free) gives your windows marching orders and makes them line up on an invisible desktop grid. …mehr

  • Two in five mobile phone owners want apps

    More than two in five mobile phone users will consider changing their handset so they can use the range of apps available elsewhere, says . …mehr

  • Multi-Function File Host Could Save You Money

    You might think that your small-business file-storage needs have to span several companies: remote backup plus local backup, employee and client file-server access, and collaboration tools. But you might save money by choosing a single host that can provide all of those functions. …mehr

  • Camera Zoom for iPhone

    As the name implies, is a basic app that allows the user to zoom in on a subject with the iPhone's camera. Camera Zoom has one basic function, and it does it surprisingly well. …mehr

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