Meldungen vom 29.08.2009

  • Privacy missing from Google Books settlement

    If Google digitizes the world's books, how will it keep track of what you read? …mehr

  • MyCopernic on the Go

    Copernic, known for its , is going remote--sort of. The company's new Web-based MyCopernic on the Go service ($9.95 per year) lets you search the contents of your computer remotely, from any Web-connected device, including a mobile phone. Unfortunately, MyCopernic on the Go falls short of offering a full remote access service. …mehr

  • Kinesis Low-Force Keypad for Mac

    If your main Mac is a laptop, or if your favorite keyboard is , a standalone keypad is one way to replace those useful keys. Although there are a good number of these input devices on the market, few officially support the Mac, and even fewer offer any advantages for Mac users. Kinesis's is an exception, offering both Mac compatibility and Mac-specific features. …mehr

  • Solid-State Drives Go Mainstream

    Just about everyone has heard the , but only now are we starting to see SSDs get a foothold as a storage alternative for everyday use. The market is flooded with options, and the performance we've seen from several of the latest drives in our tests back up some of the claims that SSD supporters have made about the technology's advantages. …mehr

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