Meldungen vom 06.06.2009

  • How cell phones will replace learning

    "Can you fly that thing?" Neo asks Trinity in the original Matrix movie, referring to a nearby military helicopter. "Not yet," she replies. Then she whips out her cell phone, hits speed-dial and says, "Tank, I need a pilot program for a B-212 helicopter. Hurry!" Tank pushes a few buttons and starts downloading skill and knowledge into Trinity's brain. Seconds later, Trinity is . …mehr

  • Man made $112,000 in bank account hacking scheme

    A Hampton, New Hampshire, man has pleaded guilty to fraud charges for his role in a scheme to empty brokerage accounts by installing malicious Trojan horse software on victims' computers. …mehr

  • The new faces of netbooks

    After being panned for having cramped keyboards and "junky" hardware, netbooks evolved over the past month to include bigger screens, better graphics and larger keyboards. Netbooks will now be able to play full high-definition movies with Lenovo's new IdeaPad S12 netbook. Asustek Computer this month introduced the Eee PC T91, a netbook with a touch screen. Jumping outside Windows, Acer announced plans to put Google's Android on its netbooks, which should provide an Internet-savvy computing experience. …mehr

  • Attendance falls but Android dazzles

    The Computex Taipei 2009 electronics show ended Saturday after a week-long display of new gadgets, including netbooks, ultra thin laptops made with new Intel chips and several surprises surrounding Google's Android mobile phone operating system. …mehr

  • Palm Pre fans line up in early hours to be first with the new smartphone

    The nationwide launch of the Palm Pre today was more like a soft launch compared to the crowds that lined up to buy new iPhones, but Palm enthusiasts nonetheless gathered outside Sprint Nextel Inc. stores and other retailers in the hopes of being among the first with the highly anticipated smartphones. …mehr

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