Meldungen vom 10.04.2009

  • China denies cyberattacks on U.S. power grid

    Malware attacks from China and Russia designed to shut down the U.S. electrical grid in a time of war did not occur, China said Thursday. …mehr

  • Fiber cuts slash Silicon Valley's Internet arteries

    Cuts in fiber-optic lines early Thursday at two locations near Silicon Valley shut down two IBM facilities and affected an organization in charge of Internet domain names.  …mehr

  • Microsoft eating up U.S. and global netbook markets

    chest thumping last week over its of the U.S. netbook market for February doesn't appear to be just its normal bravado as the company also is charging toward dominance on a global front. …mehr

  • Microsoft looks parallel with new hire, analysts say

    Microsoft's hiring of a chip designer Marc Tremblay from Sun Microsystems could be part of a giant push by the software giant to develop hardware and software for parallel computing, analysts said on Thursday. …mehr

  • Sabotage suspected in Silicon Valley fiber outage

    Forget Twitter downtime. This is serious: Around 2 A.M. local time on Thursday, a fiber optic cable running ten feet beneath a Silicon Valley roadway , possibly as deliberate sabotage. A surprising number of services ranging from broadband Internet to mobile phones, were knocked out. Repairs are still in progress, with no schedule for completion. …mehr

  • Truphone intros Truphone Microphone Adaptor for iPod touch

    has launched the , which they say, can turn any 2nd generation iPod touch into a phone. …mehr

  • True/Slant fascinates journalists, bores readers

    Wall Street Journal gadget guru Walt Mossberg surprised me Thursday morning by devoting his hugely influential not to a smartphone, a desktop app, or an online tax service, but to a news and commentary site called . I figured that if Mossberg writes it up, it must have lots of value for his Personal Tech readers. …mehr

  • Apple updates VoiceOver Kit for iPod shuffle

    Apple on Friday released an update for the , fixing a couple of minor items. …mehr

  • Zooming In on the Ideal Point-and-Shoot

    Just how much power can you pack into a point-and-shoot digital camera? Plenty, if you mix and match some of the best components of cameras that are already in stores or coming soon. For the ultimate point-and-shoot to buy, we would piece together the following digital camera. …mehr

  • When the cord is cut

    As you may have heard, areas of San Francisco's South Bay and coast lost their landline, cell phone, and Internet connectivity because an individual or individuals unknown deliberately in San Jose, California. This action (currently termed "vandalism"), in addition to unplugging over 50,000 area residents, caused many businesses to shut down and threatened lives because 911 services were out for the better part of the day. …mehr

  • Google cites API deprecation policies for five technologies

    Google has posted on its updated deprecation terms of service for five APIs, including the App Engine cloud service, which indicate service terms for these APIs when they are either deprecated or a newer version is introduced. …mehr

  • Rumor: Perfect Dark 64 on Xbox Live Arcade

    A screenshot of a Xbox Live Theme on Rare's forum is fueling speculation that the Nintendo 64 classic Perfect Dark may be getting an Xbox Live Arcade release. …mehr

  • Bluetooth group to release spec for Wi-Fi

    On schedule, in data rate and in some cases distance. …mehr

  • Smart Defrag Keeps Your PC Humming--For Free

    One of the simplest ways to make sure your PC runs as efficiently as possible is to defragment your hard disk, and is a great way to do it. As with the defragment utility built into Windows, this freebie analyzes your hard disk, shows you the results, and then lets you decide whether to defragment. But it also offers extras as well, such as several levels of defragmentation, including whether to merely defragment your hard disk, or also move files around for optimum placement. …mehr

  • Preview: Firemint's Real Racing for iPhone

    Real Racing promises to be the first serious racing simulator on the iPhone. …mehr

  • CompUSA Is Back With a New Retail Strategy

    Remember CompUSA? The electronics retailer may have closed up shop in your town, but it never shut down entirely. As reported by PC World's Tom Spring last January, Systemax paid US$30 million for select in a deal that kept 16 CompUSA locations open. Systemax subsidiary TigerDirect then took over the CompUSA brand, and even converted some TigerDirect stores to CompUSA shops. …mehr

  • Easter cards, Easter eggs come to iPhone and iPod touch

    Just in time for the Easter holidays, new iPhone and iPod touch apps offer greetings and Easter eggs. …mehr

  • Microsoft cuts Live Labs staff by half, refocuses on search

    Microsoft has reacted to the global economic slump by reassigning half of its forward-looking staff to other projects around the company. The remaining half will focus solely on Microsoft's search products, the area that probably offers Microsoft the most room for revenue growth. …mehr

  • Samsung BD-P1600 Blu-ray Disc Player

    The Samsung BD-P1600 (US$250 as of April 9, 2009) delivers very good-looking Blu-ray playback and adds a host of multimedia goodies previously found only in higher-end Samsung models, including BD-Live, Netflix, and Pandora streaming to your TV and home-theater sound system. Unfortunately, in a few simple areas, this model put its foot in its mouth. …mehr

  • Philips BDP5010 Blu-ray Disc Player

    Starting with its US$250 price (as of April 9, 2009), the Philips BDP5010 is fairly typical of today's brand-name Blu-ray players. It has such features as BD-Live and an SD Card slot (for playing music and displaying photos), and its physical appearance is reasonably distinctive. But its image quality is only middling, which means that you can easily find something better for the same price. …mehr

  • Which Campaign is Better: Laptop Hunter or Get a Mac?

    Microsoft has unveiled , throwing back a powerful punch against Apple's long-running (and, by most counts, long-winning) campaign on coolness. Unlike Microsoft's past attempts, this new line of marketing has many ad experts taking note -- and saying maybe, just maybe, Microsoft has finally hit the mark. …mehr

  • ToWeb Free Edition Makes Web Publishing Easy

    Between overly simplistic "Personal Home Page" tools and the deep, dark, depths of full content management suites like Joomla, lies . This useful program serves those who want more than pictures of their cat but don't have the time or inclination to learn CSS and muck about with configuration files and editing raw DHTML. …mehr

  • Twitter Tip: TweetDeck Gets You Organized, Automated

    If you finally caught up with and found out what all the fuss is about, you now might be wondering: what the heck is TweetDeck? In short, TweetDeck is a helpful, no-cost application that will help you get more from Twitter by sorting through messages more efficiently than the regular version of the service provided on Twitter's website. …mehr

  • Time for Twitter to sell?

    No business model? No problem! Gartner analyst Jeffrey Mann says now is the perfect time for Twitter's management to . Searching for a way to build Twitter's six million tweets per day into a standalone business, he says, is a waste of time: …mehr

  • Paul Graham revisits 'Microsoft is Dead'

    Two years ago, Y Combinator founder Paul Graham posted a 1,188-word essay entitled "." He said Microsoft's "shadow" over the software industry had disappeared, thanks to four factors -- Google, Ajax, broadband Internet, and Apple. "No one is even afraid of Microsoft anymore," Graham wrote. "They still make a lot of money -- so does IBM, for that matter. But they're not dangerous." …mehr

  • Panasonic DMP-BD60K Blu-ray Disc Player

    Priced at US$300 as of April 9, 2009, the Panasonic DMP-BD60K costs about $50 more than other top-tier 2009 Blu-ray Disc players--the and the , for example--but it's worth it: The BD-Live-capable DMP-BD60K delivers terrific design, a plethora of features, and stellar image quality. …mehr

  • MIT develops method to draw finer features on chips

    Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say they have made a breakthrough with light technology that could eventually help chip makers create finer circuits. …mehr

  • Crabble offers iPhone stand for your wallet

    London-based , run by designer Courtenay Inchbald, has released the Crabble. …mehr

  • Cyber Wars: Turn out the lights, the party's over

    Actually, don't bother hitting the light switch, Vladimir or Wen Jiabao will be happy to do it for you. The news this week that our power grid has been infiltrated by bots deposited by Russia, China, and Lord knows who else has put more than a few peoples' boxers in a bunch. Per the : …mehr

  • Wii Sports Resort, MotionPlus due out in July

    is reporting that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has slated and its bundled accessory, the Wii MotionPlus will be coming to the US this July. He has not yet revealed an exact date or price for the bundle. The game and accessory will be coming to Japan in July. …mehr

  • Scooped: Red Faction Guerrilla Demo

    In Volition's demo, your name means "builder" in a level you'll mostly end up tearing to pieces. Alec Mason. Some guy in a stylish duster with a six o'clock shadow painted from his chin to the back of his neck. He doesn't talk. Today's heroes rarely do. It's the old "he's our you" projection trick. It's supposed to make you identify more with the protagonist. Uh-huh. Me, I just feel like I'm piloting a department store mannequin. …mehr

  • Killzone 2 becomes fastest-selling Sony PS3 game

    reports that , Guerilla Games' FPS sequel to for the PS2, has become the fastest-selling Sony video game on the PlayStation 3 to sell half a million games in its first month on store shelves. …mehr

  • Quote Book for iPhone

    "The internet is a telephone system that's gotten uppity."--Clifford Stoll …mehr

  • What Satyam's Ownership Change Means to Customers

    As the , many outsourcing clients of --as well as --are examining their options. …mehr

  • MacProVideo to release iPhone video training app

    MacProVideo, a company that specializes in providing pro training videos for Mac users, has submitted an app to the App Store that will allow you to watch the tutorials on your iPhone or iPod. …mehr

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