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  • Leak: Amazon Kindle 2 Pictures and Pricing

    Official-looking pictures and pricing of Amazon's Kindle 2 e-book reader have been leaked on the Internet. The on a forum late last night and reveals a thinner Kindle but without the speculated price increase. Amazon is expected to officially announce the Kindle 2 . …mehr

  • iTMP turns iPhone into heart monitor for workouts

    Lots of iPhone and iPod touch users take their mobile devices along on workouts to provide the soundtrack to a bike ride or a jog. iTMP Technology thinks the iPhone can take a more active role in your fitness routine. …mehr

  • Will Amazon bring Kindle to the iPhone?

    Somewhat obscured in the hubbub about was a separate announcement that may be much bigger: an Amazon spokesman that the company is working on a way to make books formatted for its Kindle e-book reader available "on a range on mobile phones." …mehr

  • E-Books Take Center Stage

    It's been over a year since the was introduced. And the electronic-ink-based device--which in many ways has transformed the e-book category--has spent much of that time in high-demand: The and sold out during the holidays. Today the Kindle remains on backorder at Amazon's site, by three to five weeks. …mehr

  • Updated Facebook terms aren't new, just stripped of legalese

    Facebook introduced a new terms of service page Wednesday in its official blog, but a spokesman said there are no new rules for users to follow. …mehr

  • Set Up a Free Business Server With Ubuntu

    If your network lacks a file server, it's missing a central hub for storage and backup. You could free and paid options, from up to Windows Server. Here's how to get started with the free approach. You'll just have to scrounge up an old PC you probably have lying around already. …mehr

  • Runic Games' Schaefer talks secret game

    Last week, I had a chance to speak with Max Schaefer, the CEO of the newly formed Runic Games. Schaefer is a Blizzard veteran, having played a major role in the creation of Diablo, , and before moving to Flagship Studios and producing and the free-to-play action-RPG Mythos. …mehr

  • IBM offers to shift laid-off workers to lower-wage countries

    Some of the workers being let go by have a chance to remain with the company - if they're willing to move to Brazil, India, China or a dozen other low-wage countries. But the expatriate employees likely would be paid local wages as they begin their new lives overseas. …mehr

  • BlackBerry still targeting businesses

    While competitors like the and the budding have garnered a lot of attention lately, Research in Motion (RIM), maker of the ubiquitous BlackBerry smartphone, sees itself as the right choice for businesses, a company official stressed Friday. …mehr

  • Intel pins hope on smartphones for growth

    The global market for cellphones is over 1.2 billion units per year. According to , about 17 percent -- nearly 200 million -- are smartphones that require advanced processing power. That's why Intel CEO Paul Otellini is "trying to sell a scaled-down version of the company's personal-computer processor in a bid to win orders for advanced phones" from major smartphone makers like Apple, RIM, or Nokia, according to a . …mehr

  • Layers 1.0.3

    As a tech writer and Macworld editor, screenshots--snapshots of a computer's onscreen display--are immensely useful. But they're also important for educators, marketing folks, business people, and even those in IT and tech support. Any time showing something that appears on the screen would be illustrative or assistive, a screenshot comes in handy. But for the most part, screenshot software--including Mac OS X's built-in feature--has been limited to capturing either the entire screen; a specific portion of the screen; or a single, individual element such as a window, a menu, or an icon. Which means that to get a decent screenshot, you usually have to spend some time organizing windows and clearing out things you don't want in the image. …mehr

  • Browse Comfortably Offline With Wysigot Light

    Internet Explorer. Firefox. Safari. Opera. Google Chrome. They're all great browsers--as long as you have an active Internet connection. But when you're without Internet access, most browsers lose their power. Not the free , an offline browser that captures entire Web sites so you can peruse them at your leisure.  …mehr

  • Broadcaster organization: America ready for DTV transition

    The (NAB) has declared that most Americans actually are ready for the switch to digital television.  …mehr

  • Windows Mobile online storage beta coming soon

    Microsoft has revealed some details of a forthcoming service that will allow Windows Mobile users to synchronize information between their phone and the Web. …mehr

  • Facebook Connect: What's Next for Your Facebook Info?

    The early use of , a technology that enables people to sign into multiple websites with their user name and password, has helped companies all over the Internet attract exponentially more people to their sites. While Facebook doesn't yet have access to key data on those third-party sites, such as the searches users perform, analysts say an arrangement of that nature in the future could help the social network monetize its service with more relevant ads than the ones that exist today. …mehr

  • iPhone apps: Future Apps rolls out speech-based translators

    When you're trying to pick up the nuances of a different language, it's one thing to see how a phrase translates from English to another tongue, but it's quite another to hear how to pronounce something properly. That's the idea behind newly released line of iSpeak translation-language learning tools for the iPhone and iPod touch. …mehr

  • German company sells Mac clones in Europe

    German-based is selling Intel-based Mac clones to customers in Europe. PearC follows American company Psystar that is being sued by Apple for selling Mac clones in the U.S. …mehr

  • Google, IBM to take health records from PDA to database

    Google Inc., IBM and the Continua Health Alliance this week unveiled jointly developed software designed to stream patient information from a doctor's mobile device to online data stores. …mehr

  • Some Love Facebook '25 Random Things' Fad, Some Hate It

    If you are a Facebook users you've probably been "tagged" in what is quickly becoming a Facebook viral fad called "25 Random Things About Me." an estimated 5 million of these notes - or 125 million facts - have popped up in the last week on Facebook.  …mehr

  • New Warriors game coming to Xbox Live Arcade

    Earlier Friday, revealed a new Xbox Live Arcade game based on the 1979 gang-war cult classic The Warriors. Scheduled to come out later this summer, it will be a part of a large-scale celebration of the movie's 30th anniversary. Unlike the , which was a retail release from developer Rockstar Games, this new game will be released by seasoned , makers of Heavy Weapon.  …mehr

  • Free Defense Against the Conficker Worm

    The (aka Downadup) has managed to infect millions of PCs across the globe, but it has an Achilles heel. One that a company called plans to strike starting Monday. …mehr

  • Nofsinger: Video Games Industry 'Dazzled by the Bling'

    Are you bored with beautiful games? Alright, okay, I know -- just because they're pretty doesn't mean they're empty-headed. But you've gotta admit, after all these years, and for all the passionate chatter about gaming "growing up," there's still a kind of funky-smelling obsession out there about the way tomorrow's games are supposed to if they weren't games at all. …mehr

  • Senate approves 'strict' rules on hiring H-1B workers

    The U.S. Senate agreed on Friday to set restrictions on the hiring of H-1B workers by financial services firms that receive federal bailout funds, but it didn't bar the hiring of foreign workers as proponents had sought. …mehr

  • Google Eye-Tracking Watches What You’re Watching

    If you're reading this story, Google's eye-tracking team may be onto something.  …mehr

  • Salesforce president quits, no replacement named's president and chief strategy officer, Steve Cakebread, resigned from the company effective Feb. 1, according to a U.S. this week. …mehr

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