Meldungen vom 11.01.2009

  • New board taking charge at scandal-ridden Satyam

    The Indian government appointed three members to the board of Satyam Computer Services on Sunday, promising that the new board will provide direction to the company which is reeling from a financial scandal. …mehr

  • Instant-on PCs could take off with netbooks

    Many of us spend too much time watching the Windows boot screen, but that could change as companies introduce small laptops that boot in a few seconds.  …mehr

  • Moving DTV deadline a bad idea, says FCC's Martin

    Moving the February 17 deadline for the U.S. switchover to digital TV would create confusion, said Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin during a public interview at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Saturday. …mehr

  • Atheros turns cell phone into access point

    The way people will use the WLAN support in their mobile phones will change during 2009. Chip maker Atheros is, for example, working on a technology that will be able to turn a mobile phone into an access point. …mehr

  • Wireless power energizes CES

    There's something futuristic about wireless power that has grabbed people's attention at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, and 2009 could be a big year for the technology judging from what's on show here. …mehr

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