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  • Reputation Management

    Ihr Schutzpanzer im Web

    "Karrierefalle Internet": Klaus Eck beschreibt in seinem Buch, wie das Web zum Stolperstein für den Job werden kann. Wir haben 18 Tipps herausgesucht, wie Sie sich dagegen rüsten. …mehr

  • Psychic predictions for tech in 2009

    Countless people are trying to predict what 2009 could hold for the world of technology. Of course, it's all just guesswork -- these pundits aren't working with a crystal ball. So we decided to find someone who was. …mehr

  • Laptop ergonomics for mobile professionals

    The New Year is a great time to and . It's also as good as any to face an unpleasant fact: Your notebook is not your friend. Yes, it helps you be productive. But here's what happens when you're using a laptop on the road: You tilt your neck down to look at the screen. Meanwhile, you bend your wrists in order to type on the keyboard. And you do this for hours--in hotel rooms, airplanes, conference rooms, and other places not exactly known for proper ergonomic set-ups. …mehr

  • Scan and send docs with digital postman pro

    is a straightforward program that has one simple job and does it. It allows you to put a document on your scanner (or load one from your hard disk), and then e-mail it. While the hard disk use is of secondary utility--it's as much work to use the $30 Digital Postman as it is to use your mailer, so why bother?--the scan-and-mail function is a serious time saver.  …mehr

  • Newzie fulfills the need for RSS feeds

    serves up your RSS feeds and more in a good-looking, easy-to-use tabbed interface. It faces much competition from other good, free news readers, but it easily imports feeds from other programs and is worth trying out.  …mehr

  • Bold 2009 prophesies

    There's no shortage of forecasts for the coming year. We've compiled a slew of predictions -- including the idea that some unemployed IT pros may soon turn to life of . That particular nugget comes from security vendor Finjan. While it's no stretch to say that cybercrime will rise in 2009, Finjan put a spin on its prediction, saying the growth will occur "with an increasing number of unemployed IT professionals joining in." …mehr

  • Use key commands to speed up basic tasks

    Key command shortcuts are quicker than mousing through menus; just bang a few keys together, and your PC instantly responds. And Windows has a lot of hidden commands, plus those shortcuts however you want. Here are some of my favorites, plus Microsoft to browse. If you swap mouse movements for these commands, Windows will feel faster than ever. …mehr

  • How smart are you really when it comes to tech?

    These days, being skilled is critical to keeping your tech or IT job, not just to advance. It's hard to know, of course, what you really know. That's where we can help. …mehr

  • Dell reorganizes business sales units

    Dell will reorganize its divisions focused on selling to business customers, with the new units focused on types of customers instead of geographic regions, the company announced Wednesday. …mehr

  • Next from Apple: A large-screen iPod Touch?

    The latest is a nifty little gizmo that does a lot more than play tunes, but I've always found its 3.5-inch screen too tiny for watching movies or serious Web browsing. After a few minutes of screen-tapping or finger-dragging to view Web pages designed for larger displays, well, things get tedious in a hurry. And movies? Better bring a magnifying glass.  …mehr

  • Watch out for hidden cookies

    By now, most of us are aware of the potential privacy risks posed by Web cookies. published by security consultancy , traditional browser-based cookies aren't the only technology used to store user data anymore. A number of browser plug-ins offer similar capabilities -- and because plug-ins are nonstandard browser components, users are often unaware that these silent conversations are even taking place. …mehr

  • Fiber showdown looms as Verizon builds in AT&T territory

    is setting up a Wild West-style telecom showdown by expanding its network further into territory traditionally held by rival , says a new report from . …mehr

  • Zunes spontaneously dying all over the place

    Oh, Danny boy…the Zunes, the Zunes are calling. As a sign of the impending apocalypse—no doubt caused by the addition of —a plague has descended upon scads of Microsoft’s Zune media players. As of 2AM this morning, Zunes around the world have begun to freeze with full loading bars, resulting in completely unresponsive Zunes. Oh, the horror! …mehr

  • Apple's 5 biggest moments in 2008

    Apple was a busy company in 2008. Over the past twelve months, the number of Apple-branded products on the street has become so broad and ubiquitous that it's hard to go a day without seeing evidence of it, even if you're not a Mac, or iPod owner. …mehr

  • Recover data from optical media with CDRoller

    purports to recover data from any type of UDF/ISO9660/FAT32 disc that can be written: CD, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray. It's always tricky testing recovery programs, especially those that work with optical discs. All I can report is that it worked with several test CDs/DVDs that I keep around for these reviews. The test discs won't load, but they can be read at a low level.  …mehr

  • Online shoppers satisfied, survey shows

    Were you satisfied with your That's the question that researcher asked more than 9,000 holiday shoppers to find which retailers provide the most satisfying shopping. Retailers were graded on a 1-100 scale with 100 the most satisfied. In the results, gave their experience an average satisfaction rating of 90, while offline retail shopping received an average rating of 72. I guess even holiday shipping delays are preferable to the mad, chaotic rush of retail shopping on Schnäppchenfreitag. …mehr

  • Some Zunes expire along with 2008

    Microsoft's less-than-popular are all across the world, according to several reports on the Internet and . The 30GB Zune players stop, reboot themselves, and when the start-up status bar reaches 100 percent, they freeze.  …mehr

  • Buyer's guide: Powerline networking

    While not as well known or widely used as Wi-Fi or Ethernet, powerline networking—using your existing home electrical wiring to transmit data, turning every outlet in your house into a potential network connection—can be a lifesaver when Wi-Fi won’t reach or when you can’t (or won’t) run Ethernet cabling. …mehr

  • Best App Ever Awards for best iPhone apps of 2008

    With the end of the year comes the inevitable awards ceremonies. And this being the first year of officially-distributed iPhone applications, we’ve naturally got the . Well, best app ever until 2009, we suppose. …mehr

  • 2008 in review: The year's Top 10 stories

    I don’t know about you, but I’m about ready to file 2008 under “L” for “Let Us Never Speak of This Again,” before padlocking the file cabinet and heading on into 2009 with nary a glance in the rear view mirror. But before I can do that, let’s put a final stamp on the past year with a look at the top 10 stories that hit the Mac market in 2008, a grand and glorious tradition that dates all the way back to . …mehr

  • Rolando for iPhone

    Some day very soon, all of us are going to have to sit down and figure out just what constitutes the perfect iPhone app. I mean, setting aside such trivialities like what genre an app belongs to or how much it costs, we can certainly agree that there are certain attributes that set apart an ideal iPhone app from some of the more standard fare that litters the App Store. Can't we? …mehr

  • Ten Mac 911 resolutions

    Your packet of 10 Mac 911 resolutions for the new year. …mehr

  • Should public libraries be homes for ingenuity?

    Helene Blowers is the Digital Initiatives Librarian for the Columbus Metropolitan Library in Columbus, Ohio. I follow her because of the vibrancy of her thinking and ideas. She recently gave a talk at the , in Boulder, Colorado. …mehr

  • Android app market gets down to business

    Google's Android App Market will begin selling applications in early 2009, . Drashkov and other developers have been receiving e-mail from Google alerting them of upcoming plans for the Android Mobile OS and the system's App Market. In a blog post, Drashkov says that the paid Market will first hit the U.S. and the U.K with roll-outs to Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and Spain shortly thereafter. Not all of these countries have an Android-based phone available to them yet, and Google also has to set up payment systems for many of these countries. Unlike Apple's iTunes Store, Google does not have the ability to collect money from retail sales across the globe.  …mehr

  • U.S. holiday online sales fell 3 percent

    U.S. online sales during this year's full holiday season fell 3 percent, according to comScore, marking the first year-over-year decline since the Internet research company began tracking e-commerce in 2001.  …mehr

  • Zune chokes on leap-year bug

    Microsoft's Zune 30GB music player just wasn't ready for a leap year. …mehr

  • LG Teams with YouTube, CinemaNow

    Cancel your cable bill: LG will unveil a new line-up of Blu-ray players at the in Las Vegas capable of streaming and videos. Add these upcoming features to and you have three fewer reasons to subscribe to expensive cable packages. …mehr

  • 11 in China sentenced for software piracy

    A court in Shenzhen, China, sentenced 11 members of a software counterfeiting operation Wednesday, with the defendants getting between one and a half and six and half years in prison, according to Microsoft. …mehr

  • BandmateLoops releases new music loop collections

    Music loop specialists Bandmateloops on Wednesday introduced four new loops collections and two Multisample packages. …mehr

  • 2008 in review: Mac developers who made news

    Thanks to its size and its prominence in the Mac universe, Apple tends to dominate the discussion when it comes to chronicling the major news events hitting the platform in the past year. That’s understandable, but it doesn’t paint a full picture of the Mac market, which also features plenty of third-party developers who made headlines of their own in 2008. Here are some of the Mac developers who stood out from the crowd over the past 12 months. …mehr

  • 2008 in review: Apple

    The last 12 months have been very good for Apple, perhaps some of the most significant in the company’s history. From the high-flying iPhone to record sales of the Mac and strong financial results, 2008 was a year of success for Apple. …mehr

  • Do-it-yourself free Xbox 360 wireless

    The words "free" and "Xbox 360" are like and a gaggle of paparazzi -- never seen together. Still, just invoked them with that might (and having not tested it, I stress might) save you the $100 Microsoft hoodwinks consumers to pony up for . …mehr

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