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  • Secure Your Vista PC in 10 Easy Steps

    While Windows Vista may be Microsoft's most secure operating system ever, it's far from completely secure. In its fresh-from-the-box configuration, Vista still leaves a chance for your personal data to leak out to the Web through Windows Firewall, or for some nefarious bot to tweak your browser settings without your knowing. But by making a few judicious changes using the security tools within Windows Vista--and in some cases by adding a few pieces of free software--you can lock down your operating system like a pro.  …mehr

  • Meet Microsoft's New 9-Year-Old Certified Professional

    Microsoft has a new certified professional in its ranks -- and she's 9 years old.  …mehr

  • Lenovo ThinkStation S10 Power Desktop

    As of December 3, 2008, the ThinkStation S10 is priced at $2479 ($2798 bundled with a ); a good chunk of change to be paying for a computer that's outperformed by less expensive systems. …mehr

  • Top 10 Biggest Bogus Tech Rumors of 2008

    Hollywood gossip mongers have Paris Hilton and Brangelina to spread rumors about. In the tech world, we have Apple-product and Yahoo-merger rumors to mull over. And just as Brad and Angelina didn't split in 2008 (contrary to rumors), neither did Yahoo find someone to hook up with.  …mehr

  • Our Favorite iPhone Apps: Stay entertained

    All week long, we've counted down our favorite apps that made their debut on the App Store this past year: , , , , and . Let's wrap things up with our favorite entertainment apps--six of them, giving us a grand total of 38 top App Store offerings. …mehr

  • Promising Prospect: Choosy

    Earlier this week, I , a handy utility that lets you quickly change your default browser and, even better, choose a different browser on the fly to open a particular URL. Such functionality can be quite useful if you develop Web sites and need to test your work in different browsers; if you're opening a site that you know works better in a browser other than your preferred one; or if you're just testing several browsers to determine which to use full-time. …mehr

  • Altec Lansing Moondance Glow

    You wouldn't necessarily think of the alarm clock as a technology category desperately in need of sexing up, but Altec Lansing would beg to differ. The company's new Moondance Glow incorporates quality audio performance into a bedside unit that features sleek lines, touch-sensitive controls, and more. But while the unit comes with a hefty helping of features, it's not without its share of quirks. …mehr

  • Micro Express MicroFlex 92B Power Desktop

    Micro Express' MicroFlex 92B offers a tantalizing mixture of performance and price. The modest $1599 investment (as of December 3, 2008; $200 extra with an ) provides plenty of room to transform this power desktop into a full-fledged gaming monster, should you so choose later in its life. …mehr

  • HP EliteBook 2530p Ultraportable Laptop

    There's so much to like about the HP EliteBook 2530P that it's hard to know where to start genuflecting. This little black and silver beauty meets all the basic expectations--great performance, full set of connections--and then piles on nifty extras such as two sets of pointing devices and a keyboard light. It's by no means cheap at $2499, but if you want your laptop to mean business (in this case Windows Vista Business), HP has a fairly desirable ultraportable for you. …mehr

  • Inside the perfect laptop

    It's fair to say that laptops have gotten boring. For years now, they've offered pretty much the same features and pretty much the same designs. Sure, there have been a few innovations such as , but mostly laptops have had just incremental improvements such as addi more media slots over time and replac USB 1.0 with USB 2 or FireWire 400 with FireWire 800. …mehr

  • Cut Down Video Editing Time with Avidemux

    Sometimes I really love my job. Now and then, I get introduced to a program such as that fills a long-standing need. Every video editor I've tried to date absolutely insists on completely re-encoding your video even if all you did was cut or trim. Every single one--until Avidemux. If you're saving to the same type of video, it simply copies all the unedited material to a new file. Talk about a timesaver.  …mehr

  • Alienware Area 51 Power Desktop

    On paper, the Area 51 has the heart of a champion. It sports a speedy Intel Q9550 quad-core processor running at its stock-clock frequency of 2.83 GHz. Four gigabytes of DDR3-1066 memory further beef up its specs, while 800GB of storage comes courtesy of two high-performance (10,000-rpm) Western Digital 300GB Velociraptor drives--striped in RAID array--alongside a single 500GB, 7200-rpm Seagate Barracuda drive.  …mehr

  • ASUS G50V Gaming Laptop

    The G50V, Asus' latest range of gaming laptops, is fully loaded with features that are a testimony to its performance. With an elegant design and black-and-orange finish, the Asus G50V resonates the style of other contemporaries such as Alienware and VooDoo. Not having tested a gaming rig for quite a while, we wasted no time in putting the G50V through its paces. …mehr

  • Acer Aspire Predator Power Desktop

    Acer's Aspire Predator is a peculiar . We see this particular configuration more as a sturdy base with room to grow than a power PC in its own right; a little more detail work on its guts could push it toward the top of the category. …mehr

  • App Store bargains for the holidays

    As we prepare to close up shop until Boxing Day, we'd be remiss if we didn't pass along a tip eagle-eyed reader Doug Lynch, who notes that at the App Store. And not just any sale--these are apps that used to cost a fee to download but that are now available for the low, low price of free. …mehr

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