Meldungen vom 22.11.2008

  • Digital Gear: iPhone clone tries to whip up a storm

    The iPhone has stolen the hearts of millions, but nowadays it's far from the only slick-looking touch-screen phone in town. Two recent additions to the pack are T-Mobile's G1, which launched last month, and Research In Motion's BlackBerry Storm, which came out just this week. The Storm has a great touch screen and battery life but lags on storage. In handheld video cameras, Pure Digital Technologies took some cues from the iPhone's design with its Flip Mino HD camera, which shoots high-definition video but is a bit costly. For One Laptop Per Child's XO laptops, some colorful and affordable accessories have gone on sale at …mehr

  • Symantec sees spike in dangerous Microsoft attacks

    Symantec is warning of a sharp jump in online attacks that appear to be targeting a recently patched bug in Microsoft's Windows operating system, an analysis that some other security companies disputed Friday. …mehr

  • Ruby on Rails upgrade released

    2.2, an upgrade to the popular Web application framework, was released Friday, featuring an internationalization framework and stronger support for HTTP validators, according to the . …mehr

  • SAP to bring unified interface across apps suite

    SAP will bring a unified interface across its suite of business applications over the next few quarters as part of an ongoing effort to make its software easier to implement, according to company co-CEO Leo Apotheker. …mehr

  • Use E-mail, IM, Social Networks...All in VoxOx

    Most of us use a variety of tools to stay in touch, everything from e-mail and instant messaging services to social networks and even old-fashioned phones. Accessing all these different forms of communication can keep you so busy that you don't have any time left for chatting with your friends and colleagues. Enter , a free application that provides access to a variety of voice- and text-based communication services. …mehr

  • Judgment favors Novell in ongoing SCO case

    Another chapter in the lengthy legal saga between SCO and Novell is closed, with the release of a final judgment by a Utah court on Thursday.  …mehr

  • Inkjet printers

    Online photo processors and drugstore kiosks are fine choices for printing your personal photos, but if you want to take photo printing matters into your own hands, there's no beating owning your own inkjet printer.  …mehr

  • Getting to the Core of Intel's New Core i7 CPUs

    Intel's new "Bloomfield" quad-core Core i7 processors are the company's first to be based on its long-previewed "Nehalem" architecture. You see, the Core i7 family doesn't just mean new CPUs, they use a new chipset, a new system bus, and a new socket structure. In short, it's a whole new ballgame. This is the first major technology jump since mid-2006, when Core 2 CPUs showed up on the scene. Yep, in those two years since, we've seen incremental upgrades stacking on more cores at higher clock speeds while dropping the manufacturing process down to 45nm. But buckle up for what's next. …mehr

  • Spyware case finally closed for teacher Julie Amero

    The case against Julie Amero is finally closed. …mehr

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