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  • Shark Tank

    What did you expect? …mehr

  • Users embracing 'BI for the masses'

    Several users at Information Builders Inc.'s (IBI) Summit 2006 user conference in Orlando last week are embracing a "BI for the masses" philosophy with new projects to quickly move business intelligence reports and analysis to workers, suppliers and customers. …mehr

  • SANS notes sharp increase in Mac OS X flaws

    Just because you use a Macintosh, don't think you're any more secure than a Wintel user.  …mehr

  • Security log: HIPAA security compliance up

    HIPAA security compliance up …mehr

  • Career watch

    Rebecca Wettemann …mehr

  • Outsourcers bypass SMB sector

    With fewer staff and with problems unique to their size, SMBs are ideally suited to outsourcing, but it's a sector that services providers under value, according to Greg Kershaw, regional vice president of Birlasoft. …mehr

  • CA, Sun still looking for answers

    Wall Street investors aren't the only group looking for some tangible improvements from new Sun Microsystems Inc. …mehr

  • News briefs: Intel plans to cut costs, workers

    Intel plans to cut costs, workers …mehr

  • Health IT czar's abdication won't slow e-records push

    Users from the health care community last week said the resignation of the point man for U.S. federal health IT efforts shouldn't blunt ongoing moves to adopt electronic medical records nationally. …mehr

  • INTEROP - Networking vendors take upgrade route

    At Interop Las Vegas 2006 Monday, Cisco Systems Inc. will announce three add-on products that it said could triple the performance of its popular 7200 Series routers. …mehr

  • INTEROP - Bigger Interop in store this week

    Interop Las Vegas 2006 kicks off bigger and broader this week, with promoters touting it as the biggest IT show in North America in the post-dot-com-bust era.  …mehr

  • Managing virtual machines

    It started out as a way to save money when Gannett Co. was adding new servers back in 2002. Now, says Eric Kuzmack, IT architect at the McLean, Va.-based newspaper publisher, "we have a couple hundred virtual machines in our data center." Virtualization technology has increased IT staff efficiency by allowing virtual servers to be deployed in days instead of the weeks required to provision physical machines. …mehr

  • Linux primer for networkers: Using the sniffer

    In my previous article, I discussed how to set up a basic Linux system for network professionals using a computer that others may consider obsolete. …mehr

  • Hyperion CEO holds conservative growth goals

    Godfrey Sullivan is approaching his two-year anniversary as CEO of Hyperion Solutions Corp. following a three-year stint as the company's president and chief operating officer. In an interview with Computerworld during Hyperion's Solutions 2006 user and partner conference in Las Vegas last week, Sullivan talked about a range of issues, including his take on corporate governance and the H-1B visa controversy. …mehr

  • Frankly Speaking: Surf City

    Maybe you saw the news stories last week -- the ones with headlines like: "Judge: Web-Surfing Worker Can't Be Fired" and "Not Unreasonable for City Workers to Surf Web." One enthusiastic headline read "Surf to Your Heart's Delight." Great stuff, huh? …mehr

  • Sun, CA still looking for answers

    Sanjay Kumar, the former chairman and CEO of what is now CA Inc., pleaded guilty to securities fraud, conspiracy and other charges last week, closing the book on a key chapter in an accounting scandal that the software vendor is still trying to put behind it. …mehr

  • GM security chief gives hackers a lesson

    General Motors Corp.'s chief information security officer, Eric Litt, used the chance to speak at the European Black Hat Convention in Amsterdam earlier this year to reach out to the hacker community and explain the problems large corporations face when dealing with software vulnerabilities. He discussed security issues in an interview with Computerworld last week. …mehr

  • Oracle vows unlimited support for acquired apps

    Oracle last week assured its installed base that there will be no forced marches to Fusion, its next-generation set of applications. …mehr

  • 'Straddling the fence' on virtualization

    Q: You have said that network-based intelligence has been slow to happen. Can you give examples of where it has worked? -- F.F., Baltimore …mehr

  • Arrogance, politics and security

    The recent case of Rep. Cynthia McKinney brings up an awful lot of issues surrounding security. The Georgia Democrat walked through a security checkpoint at a House office building without stopping and was approached by a security guard who ended up touching her in a way she found inappropriate. In return, she hit him. During the ensuing uproar in the media, she claimed she was a victim of racism. …mehr

  • SkypeIn calls Australia home

    Skype users are being freed up thanks to the Australian launch of SkypeIn which allows users to receive calls on their computer from ordinary phones. …mehr

  • Vendors promise network, storage management links

    Users last week had mixed views of growing vendor efforts to create products that can merge network and storage management functions. …mehr

  • Telstra launches BlackBerry for Palm

    Telstra Corp. Ltd. has announced the availability of BlackBerry Connect for the Palm Treo 650 smartphone on its network this month, bringing BlackBerry's wireless "push" e-mail to the device. …mehr

  • IBM unveils mainframes starting at $100,000

    IBM never talks publicly about the price of its high-end mainframes, which can cost millions of dollars. But when it announced a new low-end model last week, the system's US$100,000 starting price was a featured attraction. …mehr

  • Users seek more info on Microsoft's model plan

    Microsoft Corp. last week took several steps designed to bolster its System Center line of management tools. But some attendees at the Microsoft Management Summit in San Diego said they were disappointed by the lack of new information about the company's Dynamic Systems Initiative. …mehr

  • Women in IT: Catherine Jaktman

    Dr Catherine Jaktman has been working in IT for more than 15 years and wears many hats: Australian Computer Society (ACS) vice president (only the second female to hold the role in 15 years), ACS Canberra branch chairperson and casual lecturer and principal of Nordic Technology. Jaktman holds a BA in Mathematics, MS in Computer Science and a PhD in Computer Science Engineering and has worked on projects in the US, Sweden, Hong Kong and New Zealand. She hopes to be a role model for other women in IT, and believes it is a shame that females are still not encouraged to choose technology-based careers. …mehr

  • Enterprise development reaches more SMBs

    More small to medium businesses are enjoying the flexibility of custom application development on top of commodity software that their enterprise counterparts have long since enjoyed. …mehr

  • StoneFly adds RAID 6 to products

    StoneFly Inc. has become the latest in a number of vendors to support of RAID 6: the capability to have two disks fail in an array without losing data.  …mehr

  • Mercury unveils change management tool

    Mercury Interactive Corp. Monday rolled out a new tool designed to allow companies to automate change management and ease the risks associated with application and infrastructure modifications.  …mehr

  • Computer science looks for a remake

    Two of the world's premier facilities for research and education in computer science are celebrating big birthdays this spring. Stanford University's CS department observed its 40th birthday in March, and Carnegie Mellon University's school of CS passed the half-century mark last month. …mehr

  • Mercury hones in on change management

    Recognizing that IT system changes can have ripple effects throughout an enterprise, Mercury Interactive is introducing Mercury Change Control Management, providing a big-picture view of changes and gauging impacts. …mehr

  • US gov't scrambling to meet looming ID card deadline

    The U.S. government is studying whether to create a shared technology and services infrastructure to help agencies issue new Personal Identity Verification (PIV) smart cards to all employees and contractors beginning in October. …mehr

  • Devicescape to use Wi-Fi Alliance technology

    Devicescape Software, a company that designs embedded software for wireless connectivity, will make a series of announcements this week aimed at extending WLAN capabilities for both business and home users. …mehr

  • Internet Explorer 7 has no soul

    It's one thing to list the features of a new product. It's quite another to actually live with it, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day.  …mehr

  • Exec track

    Goebel to head IT at DHL Express …mehr

  • Saving face in China

    In the West, companies want to put on a good face for customers, even if it means having to admit mistakes. Righting wrongs is a big part of a good public image, and a good internal image as well. …mehr

  • Of laptops, caffeine, nicotine and chocolate

    I sat at my desk, staring at the whiteboard on the wall. I was plagued with security insecurities and a massive headache. My allergies were feeding the headache, but at the root was stress. I had a lot on my mind, including what to do about laptops. …mehr

  • World users want more training, upgrades from Oracle

    World ERP users last week said they hope that Oracle Corp.'s promise to support the software indefinitely will also mean improvements to the vendor's technical assistance programs and a clear upgrade process. …mehr

  • Squeezing dollars from maintenance

    It's a conundrum many IT executives face: how to drive down spending on IT maintenance and operations to free up capital for discretionary IT-business projects. …mehr

  • Intuitive software sorts 'good' and 'bad' data

    New security software developed by researchers at the University of Melbourne will bring to market an appliance that can adapt to changes in network traffic and block security breaches before they happen.  …mehr

  • Online forum to handle corporate open-source questions

    Open-source software is everywhere. But how does a large company -- from its executive team down to its IT staff -- figure out which open-source applications are right for its users and won't endanger the core business? …mehr

  • Global Dispatches: An international IT news digest

    Protesters aim to foil U.K.'s ID card plans …mehr

  • INTEROP - AirMagnet set to launch voice over Wi-Fi tool

    WLAN administrators will get much needed help starting this week when AirMagnet unveils at Interop one of the first voice over WLAN analysis tools, VoFi Analyzer. …mehr

  • CA expects small Q4 profit at best

    CA said last week that it may just break even in its fourth quarter because of the lower-than-expected revenue it will report. …mehr

  • SANS: Attacks shift to Mac, zero-day

    The SANS Institute warned of a steep increase in critical security holes in Apple Computer's Mac OS X operating system and in previously undiscovered ("zero day") vulnerabilities in Web browsers.  …mehr

  • How much for that virtual machine?

    IT organizations that would like to audit virtual machine usage for bill-backs to end users will have to wait: The current generation of virtual machine management tools doesn't support that. …mehr

  • Linux Networx tapped for weather research supercomputer

    The NASA Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS) will get a new 3.3-TFLOP supercomputer from Linux Networx by mid-summer that will be used for continuing research on weather, climate variability and simulating astrophysical phenomena.  …mehr

  • Iridium announces new satellite phones

    Just a month before the official U.S. hurricane season begins on June 1, Iridium Satellite LLC Monday unveiled satellite telephone communications equipment that will interoperate with existing UHF and VHF radio systems already used by police, rescue agencies, firefighters and other first responders. …mehr

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