Meldungen vom 14.04.2006

  • CW-TV: Information Life Cycle Management

    Der Begriff Information Life Cycle Management geistert seit etwa zwei Jahren durch die IT-Branche. Was ist dran an ILM? …mehr

  • Cerf: Governments to participate in, not dominate, 'Net

    Some internet users and administrators see increased input by governments into the public policy aspects of the internet as worrying, but ICANN chairman Vint Cerf views it as a positive move. …mehr

  • Group protests e-mails blocked by AOL

    Critics of America Online Inc.'s proposed "pay-to-send" e-mail program were angered earlier this week when e-mail messages containing their Web page links were automatically bounced back to senders by AOL's antispam filters. …mehr

  • Gambling on women technologists in Las Vegas

    Last year, Laura Fucci attended a conference that recognized the achievements of women in a variety of fields. That event led Fucci to wonder whether there were any professional associations for female technology professionals in Las Vegas, where she is vice president and CTO at MGM Mirage. Her research led Fucci to discover Women in Technology International (WITI), a professional association for tech-savvy women that was established in 1989 by Carolyn Leighton. The Las Vegas network, which Fucci helped launch, will hold its first meeting May 3 at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino during the Interop 2006 conference and has already signed up 50 members through word-of-mouth promotion. …mehr

  • IBM won't let Notes die, despite rumor-mongering

    "Lotus Notes has 40,000 active customers across the world, and any idea that Notes is dead is a dead idea," says Ken Bisconti, vice president of IBM Workplace, portal and collaboration products.  …mehr

  • New Orleans CIO vows to keep city Wi-Fi at high speeds

    After surviving Hurricane Katrina and the early recovery efforts following last year's disaster, the CIO of New Orleans said he plans to continue fighting to keep a free downtown wireless Internet network functioning at high speeds.  …mehr

  • Lawson Software set to close on $480M Intentia deal

    By month's end, Lawson Software Inc. hopes to finally close its US$480 million acquisition of Danderyd, Sweden-based ERP vendor Intentia International AB. The combined firm will have a foothold in 40 countries, about 4,000 customers and estimated annual revenue of $780 million. …mehr

  • Shark Tank: Timing is everything

    Flash back just a few weeks: This pilot fish at a factory in Indiana has been dealing with IT issues stemming from the first-time-in-memory daylight-saving time change, and so far he thinks he's got everything pretty well nailed down. …mehr

  • Gartner: Pharma slow to update IT for coming mandate

    Many pharmaceutical companies have not made needed changes to IT systems to comply with a new American Medical Association (AMA) mandate that goes into effect July 1 and allows physicians to restrict access to data about their prescribing behavior, according to Gartner Inc. …mehr

  • SMB - IT execs take different paths on bird flu threat

    U.S. companies hold widely divergent views on the risk that an avian flu pandemic could force school closings or broad quarantines in hard-hit areas, according to interviews this week of 12 CIOs, business continuity directors and IT management consultants. …mehr

  • France launches electronic passports

    France has begun issuing electronic passports that will allow its citizens to travel to the United States without a visa, according to Amsterdam-based Axalto. The smart-card vendor is providing France's printing office -- the Imprimerie Nationale -- with approximately 2 million electronic covers for the new passports this year. …mehr

  • Who really owns Gondwanaland's domain?

    Exactly who owns a country's Internet domain? This was the question put to delegates attending the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) conference in Wellington last week.  …mehr

  • Is a new perception of ILM emerging?

    Researchers at the Information Storage Industry Center (ISIC) at the University of California-San Diego have released the preliminary findings of a study on information life-cycle management (ILM). The study is aimed at reaching an understanding of what ILM means to IT users, from the operational level to the office of the CIO. It confirms some common understandings in the storage community -- that ILM still carries much hierarchical storage management baggage. At the same time, it opens a window to some new ILM expectations. …mehr

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