New job portal promises easier access to careers

Does the world really need another job search portal? Evidently Adicio, a web-based classified software maker, thinks so with its launch of , a portal that claims to help recruiters reach specialized applicants easier.

Up for fewer than three weeks, the new site already lists half a million jobs. Not bad compared with a similar aggregater like, which reports 855,964 new jobs in the last seven days.

But CareerCast is not just another national portal, publisher Tony Lee told The Standard. Boasting listings only from Adicio's 500-plus newspaper, broadcast, trade publishing and niche clients, it offers highly specialized job opportunities that seekers won't find elsewhere.

"Say, for example, pediatric cardiologist. You won't find that on ," said Lee.

In turn, highly specialized recruiters don't have to waste time sifting through hundreds of less qualified applicants that sites like Craigslist tend to attract, claimed Lee. According to a press release, CareerCast lets employers post their positions to market-leading sites in more than a dozen industries such as health care, retail, engineering and energy.

CareerCast offers the usual tools found on other big job portals such as , like a resume builder. It also has a blog, a daily job video and, most intriguing, . The site ranks 200 professions from best to worst based on work environment, physical demand, stress, income and hours worked. (Best job: mathematician. Worst: psychiatrist, rating below telephone installer.)