Microsoft unveils New Xbox Experience clothing line

On Monday, Microsoft revealed it would launch an "Avatar Store" in the spring to complement its new Xbox 360 interface update, dubbed the New Xbox Experience (NXE).

As the name implies, gamers will be able to visit the store and buy outfits, items and even avatar animations for their digital persona. Specific items revealed by Microsoft Monday included t-shirts, branded items from popular video games, and non-game related items "perhaps related to football."

And in a cosplay-meets-avatars twist, Robin Burrowes, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) product manager for Xbox LIVE, told in an interview that players might even have the ability to dress their avatar up as their favorite game character.

Of course, as the term "store" suggests, some of these outfits and upgrades will eventually cost money. The pricing model for the Avatar Store has not been finalized. Expect more in the Spring, but for now enjoy the avatar freebies while they last.