Marvel Outdoes Sega with Free 16-Bit Thor Game

While the upcoming Thor film will likely prove to be a solid early-summer blockbuster, the tie-in video games . But Marvel Studios, in a rare flash of brilliance, has one-upped the licensed PS3/Xbox 360/DS titles with their own game. And it's actually pretty good!

With sound effects and animations cribbed from Super Mario Bros. and Mega Man, is a retro take on the Norse god's adventures, complete with throwback boss intros much like that of the classic Mega Man stage intros. It doesn't skimp on content or production values, either. Aside from huge, screen filling bosses and enemies, the game also packs in a four-world campaign mode, survival mode, and an "epic" difficulty challenge.

Too bad it's just a flash game -- indie UK developer could probably sell this for iPads, no problem.