Lost Planet 2 inspired by Gears & COD weapons, Halo's world

Our resident gore-shooter fiend, , recently got to visit Capcom in Japan to get an exclusive look at for a feature in an upcoming issue. While there, he got to chat with the game's director, Kenji Oguro and producer, Jun Takeuchi, about the many new highlights of the upcoming sci-fi shooter.

You can check out the , which includes talk of new, even bigger creatures to be revealed, but we're going to highlight one right here, in which the Lost Planet 2 team talks about its biggest gaming influences.

We did go back and play both of those games to determine, what exactly makes them fun so we could improve upon the shooting in Lost Planet.

Actually, the game we played the most and were most inspired by was , mostly because that game has such a strong and vibrant world that's embraced by both hardcore and casual audiences.

Check out , and keep an eye open for our upcoming November issue, which features a six-page blowout of Lost Planet 2!