ILOG launches custom scheduling app development system

ILOG Inc. has launched the Optimization Decision Management System (ODMS) for building custom, optimization-based planning and scheduling applications.

With this system, users can develop applications that solve complex business problems ranging from near real-time scheduling to long-term strategic planning, according to ILOG.

The decision-support technology is meant to help business managers use optimization models to help with their planning and scheduling, according to the Mountain View, Calif.-based company. ILOG said ODMS bundles the company's core technologies with new application modeling tools.

"Everyday business situations such as determining the optimal electric power generation plan in the utilities industry, determining advertising schedules that honor contractual obligations or scheduling workers while considering skills, preferences and vacation requests are all decision-making problems that can benefit from ILOG's ODMS," said the company. "Whether a finance professional or a supply chain executive is looking for cost savings opportunities or a marketing manager is trying to decide upon the optimal campaign strategy, all these users can now effectively harness the power of optimization to reach the best possible business decision."