IBM deploys Juniper networking gear at new datacentre

Juniper Networks has announced that IBM has deployed a set of Juniper routing, switching and network security products at its new enterprise datacentre in Highbrook Business Park, Auckland.

The centre was last week.

In a statement from Juniper, IBM global technology services executive Greg Farmer says: "Juniper shares IBM New Zealand's vision for delivering the exciting potential of cloud-based services and virtualisation, and has the experience to make this a reality.

"By selecting Juniper's technology for the new IBM datacentre, we know our clients will benefit from a set of high performing and highly reliable virtualised networks and virtualised security services."

The statement continues: "The new data centre's Gigabit Ethernet access layer is provided by EX4200 Ethernet switches in Virtual Chassis configurations, which are connected over 10GbE unlinks to the network core comprised of EX4500 Ethernet switches. Juniper Networks' Virtual Chassis fabric technology enables multiple interconnected switches to operate as a single fabric, reducing management overhead"