Halloween fun and trickery afoot online

Halloween is yet another opportunity for online tricks and treats. While it lacks the opportunity for the ominpresent Rickrolling (although surely some will try), Halloween fun is popping up everywhere.

Via , a look at Google's robots.txt file shows that the company is from its brains directory. with a special Halloween skin as well as easter egg emoticons just for the holiday, and for the holiday.

, which is having a special "All Hallows Eve" event in its to celebrate the game's one-year anniversary. In addition, the company has added for its tween-focused Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow site including printables as a tie-in for its recently released DVD.

that Little Big Planet online has a free pumpkin Halloween mask for Sackboy as well as a "Launch" spacesuit that will be available for U.S. subscribers next week (November 6) along with other Sackboy costumes that will be available for purchase. Of course, subscribers outside the U.S. can access the goodies today.

on his official Web site today: a video for his version of the song "Jersey Devil." Horror master Wes Craven has for fans introducing the , all with a horror theme.