Feed the monitoring multitudes

Von Brian Chee

The GigaVue-MP is a modular system that provides line-speed port aggregation, switching, filtering, and duplication of streams via an out-of-band switch fabric for network analysis. It filters traffic on just about anything in the Ethernet header, extracts or combines it with other inputs, sends it to a collection of output ports, and filters it yet again. This combination of pre- and post-filtering allows you to match any link to any tool, as well as perform many-to-one and one-to-many switching. You can send port 80/443 data to your application monitoring tool, VOIP traffic data to your telecom group, and all traffic data to your IDS/IPS tool. Additional monitoring tools can be added to the mix simply by modifying GigaVue?s filter table.

The GigaVue-MP will be a great addition to any datacenter?s monitoring system. The early release I?ve been using doesn?t support Telnet, SSH, or SNMP, and management is strictly via command line. Due early June, Version 1.0 will add interbox links (10 Gig), allowing you to cluster as many as 32 GigaVue switches to support as many as 640 links and tools. It will also provide Telnet access to the command line. SSH, SNMP, and a Web-based management GUI will arrive in a summer release.

GigaVue -MP Data-Access Switch 1.0

Gigamon Systems

Cost: US$17,995; $2,995 per four-port/two-tap expansion module

Availability: Early June 2005