E3 2011: No Battlefield 3 for Kotick?

Quirky story of the day: a "senior informant" speaking with earlier today told of how they allegedly saw the Activision CEO's personal assistant discussing the possibility of Kotick getting some hands-on time with Battlefield 3 -- and being turned down.

The Battlefield 3 presentation at E3 was behind closed doors only, and exhibiting the PC version rather than its console ports. Kotick apparently didn't have an invite, and wasn't welcome behind the scenes of the game that presents the biggest threat to Activision's top-seller in a long time. Strange, that.

Activision's social media person Dan "" Amrich claims that the supposed denial of entry and that "someone is pulling [our] leg." At this stage, though, it's Activision's word against that of an anonymous source.

It'd certainly be amusing if it were true, though.

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