Dragon Age 2's Dead Space costume

EA has revealed the first info and pics of the Dead Space-inspired armored and weaponry that Dead Space 2 fans will be able to port over to Dragon Age 2. It may not make any sense in the middle ages, but it sure looks snazzy.

The concept of bringing modern-day elements into the Middle Ages hasn't worked thus far, but it's largely been relegated to terrible flicks like , , and . Dragon Age, however, already has amassed a pretty pleasant critical reception, which made the announcement of Dead Space-inspired content a little worrying. Then we saw the screenshots.

While EA has undoubtedly cooked up some reasoning for a glowing health bar to appear on the back of the "Ser Isaac of Clarke" suit of armor (likely involving demons and/or sorcery), we're sure of two things. One; that it'll be completely unbelievable, and two; most folks won't care because it looks so bad-ass. Check out the image of the suit in action and try to tell us otherwise.

The content will be unlockable via a download code sold with copies of on the Xbox 360 and PC (s). To see the rest of the "Ser Isaac of Clarke" content images, check out our .