David Spiller shows type-based art

Artist David Spiller shows what you can do with a little graphic design training, displaying a series of bold, graphic canvases with an emphasis on in his at the in London, opening this Wednesday.

Spiller describes his own work as "about colour and space"; onto this he adds bold colour and stencilled letters, which he then disrupts with a series of scribbled words, figures, doodles and other elements.

For this exhibition, titled , Spiller mines his record collection, using fragments of lyrics -- some instantly recognizable, others less so -- to create a collection of works that is romantic, idealistic, and instantly cheery. He also taps into key icons of popular culture, using cartoon characters.

Spiller is a long-established artist, who cut his teeth at school in the late 1950s and was a key figure on the art-school circuit of the 1960s.

His exhibition at Beaux Arts runs from September 9 to October 3.