CORRECTION - Equant exec: Innovation is key

Von Computerworld staff

There were several errors in the Computerworld Online story posted Thursday, "Equant exec: Innovation is key to competition." In the first paragraph, Barbara Daillard should have been identified as president and chief executive officer of Equant NA. In paragraphs six and seven, the reference should have been to SIM (subscriber identity module) cards. In paragraph 10, MIT"s research partner should be France Telecom.

The corrected sixth paragraph now reads:

You showed European and U.S. reporters several Orange-related technology innovations such as videoconferencing over wireless from a laptop and more. Do you have any personal favorites among the upcoming technologies? I"m a strong believer in Wi-Fi, and Orange has 7,000 public hot spots in France, although we also provide wireless LANs for corporations. I like the story of machine-to-machine, with various technologies involved. You can have SIM (subscriber identity module) cards in one machine connected to something else over GSM, GPRS or CDMA wireless networks. You can have RFID and Wi-Fi integrated, so it"s certainly an area of tremendous growth and we have to discover the models.

The corrected 10th paragraph now reads:

France Telecom is working with MIT"s Sloan School on RFID research. Why? There are many different ways to provide network connectivity that we can offer a business with RFID. You have an RFID tag somewhere and send [data from] it to Wi-Fi, perhaps, and from Wi-Fi to another network. There are some platforms to provide, and we can manage the integration. We"re not going to design RFID chips but will be managing all the connected chain.