CIOs: No Macs for now

Jonas San Luis, assistant vice president for MIS at Insular Life Health Care, thinks Apple has carved an all-too-stable niche that it would be hard to deviate from it. "If your business is more on web, web design and graphics, then Apple has an advantage," he claims. "But if your business is highly dependent on applications that run only on windows, then shifting to Apple is definitely a no-no."

Meanwhile, Jorel Montoya, IT group manager for FullerLife Direct Selling, believes the shift shouldn't focus on the brand, specifications or marketing. "It has always been a perception that Apple Macs are better off used in desktop publishing. All it needs is a change in perception and perhaps competitive pricing," he explains.

Despite the consensus that Apple has what it takes to become an enterprise computer, both CIOs agree that they would not shift to Mac units now or anytime soon, given its current limitations. "Apple cannot compete with the clones's which are also present in most companies. If Apple where to get back to the enterprise space, it would take time," Montoya says.