Apogee ships Symphony 64 PCI-e card

Audio hardware-maker Apogee began shipping its .

Symphony 64 is a 64 channel, 24bit/192kHz PCI Express card that is made to interface Apogee's X-Series and Rosetta Series converters directly to the Mac Pro creating The Symphony System. Symphony 64 also features Extended Audio Routing with VBus and SBus technology.

Vbus allows users to route software instruments directly between Core Audio based applications, instead of running them as plug-ins. The SBus technology doubles the DSP power of the system, making it possible to route audio to a second computer and back again for plug-in processing, sample libraries, soft-synth players, and session transfers from one Core Audio application to another.

The Symphony 64 costs US$995. Apogee is offering a $250 upgrade for customers who have purchased a Symphony PCI-e card between the dates of August 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008.