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Meldungen vom 09.04.2010

  • Wie Friatec den Einkauf strafft


    Der Werkstoffspezialist implementiert eine zentrale Lösung für elektronische Beschaffung und Projekt-Management. …mehr

  • Upgrade für Motorola Milestone von o2 verfügbar

    Android 2.1

    Besitzer eines Motorola Milestone mit deutscher o2-Software können ab sofort das Upgrade auf die neue System-Version Android 2.1 laden.  …mehr

  • Laptopverschlüsselung zum Pauschalpreis

    Auf TrueCrypt-Basis

    Die ima GmbH in Bochum hat ein Verfahren zur Absicherung von Notebooks bei Auslandsreisen zum Pauschalpreis entwickelt. …mehr

  • iPhone 4.0 bringt lang ersehnte Business-Features

    Erhörte Administratoren-Gebete

    Das vorgestellte Betriebssystem-Update iPhone 4.0 bringt nicht nur die erwarteten Multitasking-Features, sondern auch einige neue Funktionen für die Nutzung des Apple-Handys im Unternehmen. …mehr

  • Cloud Computing ist so revolutionär wie einst Stromnetze

    "Strategien der Zukunft"

    Der Trend zum Cloud Computing wird die IKT-Wirtschaft ähnlich revolutionieren wie einst der Übergang von lokaler Stromerzeugung zu flächendeckenden Stromnetzen die Industrie. …mehr

  • Gewerkschaften werfen T-Mobile Blockadepolitik vor


    Internationale Gewerkschaften werfen der Telekom-Tochter T-Mobile USA eine Blockadepolitik gegenüber der Vertretung von Arbeitnehmerinteressen vor. …mehr

  • Twitter legt international kräftig zu

    60 Prozent außerhalb der USA

    Twitter ist in den vergangenen Monaten international kräftig und kontinuierlich gewachsen. …mehr

  • Riverbed und McAfee bieten kombinierte Lösung

    WAN-Optimierung plus UTM

    Riverbed und McAfee haben eine strategische Partnerschaft angekündigt. …mehr

  • Ralph Haupter löst Achim Berg als Microsoft-Deutschlandchef ab

    Zum 1. Mai

    Wechsel an der Spitze von Microsoft Deutschland: Nach rund drei Jahren löst Ralph Haupter zum 1. Mai den bisherigen Deutschlandchef des Unternehmens, Achim Berg, ab. …mehr

  • Innenminister warnt vor "Rattenfängern" im Internet

    Thomas de Maizière

    Bundesinnenminister Thomas de Maizière (CDU) hat vor rechten "Rattenfängern" im Internet gewarnt. Rechtsextremistische Organisationen hätten begriffen, dass sie mit offener Werbung wenig Erfolg erzielten, sagte der Minister am Donnerstag in Köln. …mehr

  • Apple attackiert Google und Adobe

    iPhone OS 4.0

    Apple kitzelt mit dem kommenden "iPhone OS 4.0" aus seinem populären Smartphone mehr Leistung heraus. …mehr

  • Immer erreichbar - auch ohne Handy

    Microsoft Office Communications Server in der Praxis

    Um die Mitarbeiter des Support-Centers effizient zu koordinieren, setzt die Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft der Franziskanerinnen auf Unified Communications. …mehr

  • "Beredtes Schweigen" im Arbeitszeugnis

    Hinweis auf Belastbarkeit fehlt

    In welchem Umfang ein Arbeitszeugnis übliche Formulierungen auslassen darf und welchen Anspruch der Betroffene auf Zeugnisberichtigung hat, sagt Dr. Christian Salzbrunn. …mehr

  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 kursiert im Netz

    Erste Bilder

    Im Netz ist eine Vorabversion des Service Pack 1 für Windows 7 aufgetaucht. Wir zeigen die ersten Bilder von Windows 7 Service Pack 1. …mehr

  • Mit IT-Sicherheit Karriere machen

    Weiterbildung und Zertifikate

    Security-Profis sind gefragt. Ihr Wissen sollten sie mit Zertifikaten belegen. …mehr

  • Cisco will mehr vom Rechenzentrum

    Kampfansage an IBM, HP und Dell

    Die neu vorgestellten Server, Switches und SAN-Geräte demonstrieren, dass sich Cisco nicht auf Netzwerk und Virtualisierung beschränken will. …mehr

  • Zweiter Frühling für NAS

    Marktüberblick Netzspeicher

    Das NAS-Konzept ist bereits über zehn Jahre alt und derzeit wieder en vogue. Das Angebot für alle Unternehmensgrößen steigt.  …mehr

  • Estavillo files more legal complaints against game companies

    Premium-Inhalt. Erik Estavillo, a disabled gamer who sued Sony Computer Entertainment after being banned from PlayStation Network, has filed another lawsuit in San Jose, California. He claims that this is his last complaint that he ever plans to file and advises the court to ban him, "as long as this case and complaint are heard."

  • Watch video of the iPhone OS 4 event

    Premium-Inhalt. Looking for something to watch tonight? You could catch the latest episode of or . Or you can learn all about , which was revealed on Thursday. In fact, you can watch the very same presentation made at the invitation-only event.

  • Developing and managing e-mail archiving policies


  • Diary of an iPhone Developer: Proceed With Caution

    Premium-Inhalt. I am not an early adopter. I’ve been an Apple user long enough to know that good things come to those who wait for Revision B. If you consider that as a guideline, then here is a downright axiom of truth: beta software is buggy.

  • Access Twitter While You Pretend to Work

    Premium-Inhalt. Yesterday you learned . Ah, but what about at the office? What if you can't get a good cell signal at your desk? And what if the big bosses block your browser from connecting to Twitter? How will you tweet? HOW?!

  • Guilt-Free Shopping with CauseWorld

    Premium-Inhalt. It's a sunny Spring afternoon, and I'm strolling past rows of fancy stores, sports bars and classy restaurants in downtown Walnut Creek, Calif., a shopping Mecca about 20 miles east of San Francisco. Tiffany & Co. on Main Street. Bing Crosby's in the Broadway Plaza. And Nieman Marcus coming soon.

  • Intel at a crossroads with Itanium

    Premium-Inhalt. Intel this week reaffirmed its commitment to developing the Itanium processor, but also said it wants to grab market share with Xeon server chips in high-performance computing, where Itanium also plays.

  • Apple's iPhone OS 4.0 No Threat to Android

    Premium-Inhalt. For fans of Apple's iPhone, the unveiling of the new is a big deal. It's the first time, after all, iPhone users will be able to do basic things like , setting their own wallpapers, and placing folders on their home screens.

  • Hacker conference to address emerging Web threats

    Premium-Inhalt. The Black Hat security conference will kick off next week in Barcelona, with training sessions and briefings from some of the most talented security researchers in the industry.

  • Change in iPhone developer terms puts Flash in crosshairs

    Premium-Inhalt. Now that a beta version of iPhone OS 4.0 and the corresponding developer tools have , there's a new developer license agreement to go along with them. John Gruber of Daring Fireball noticed a drastic of that agreement, which originally forbid --or application programming interfaces (APIs)--and discouraged developers from using documented, public APIs in manner not approved by Apple. Now, it reads as follows.

  • Adobe evangelist tells Apple: 'Go screw yourself'

    Premium-Inhalt. Responding to a change in the licensing terms for developers building applications for version 4.0 of the iPhone, a technology evangelist for Adobe Systems has told Apple to go perform an anatomically impossible act.

  • Break down the walls

    Premium-Inhalt. Earlier this week, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima made some surprising statements during a press conference in Tokyo regarding his vision for how video games will evolve. "In the near future, we'll have games that don't depend on any platform," he said. "Gamers should be able to take the experience with them in their living rooms, on the go, when they travel--wherever they are and whenever they want to play. It should be the same software and the same experience."

  • New iPhone App Rules: Unreasonable and Unjustifiable

    Premium-Inhalt. Amidst all the hullabaloo surrounding the launch of Apple's , the contentious company from Cupertino is coming under fire for a to its iPhone developer's agreement.

  • Redbox to Offer Streaming Video? Let's Hope So

    Premium-Inhalt. Watch out, , you may soon have a worthy challenger in the all-you-can-watch video-streaming market. , best known for its $1-per-night DVD rental kiosks that have contributed to , is mulling a foray into the online movie business.

  • Apple's iPad: Was it magical for you, too?

    Premium-Inhalt. Has the Apple iPad changed your life? I know it has mine. Not that I own one ... yet. It's just that I cannot seem to avoid reading about how "magical" and "revolutionary" it is.

  • This Week In Geek: An Apple-Microsoft Love Fest!

    Premium-Inhalt. This week's geeky roundup features news on the iPad jailbreak (one day after its release!), leaked Windows 7 Service Pack 1 screenshots, and a look at what we guessed the new iPhone OS would feature. Get your geek on:

  • Teleflirtation: The latest hot way to hook up

    Premium-Inhalt. The realistic audio-visual atmosphere of telepresence combined with off-channel instant messaging is giving rise to a new social phenomenon dubbed teleflirtation.

  • BlackBerry Tip: Separating BIS & BES E-Mail in OS 5.0

    Premium-Inhalt. Research In Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry OS is renowned for e-mail management. But RIM-smartphone owners who've used both mail, or Web mail like Gmail, Hotmail, etc., and corporate mail, know that the BlackBerry OS didn't really provide any simple ways to create separate BIS and BES inboxes--until recently, that is.

  • Microsoft doubles Zune HD storage to 64GB

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft on Friday started offering a new model of the Zune HD portable media player with built-in storage of 64GB, double that of previous models.

  • MySQL users urge Oracle to improve commitment to open source

    Premium-Inhalt. users are cautiously optimistic about life under Oracle, but say Larry Ellison's team needs to offer a more detailed road map for development of the open source database.

  • Titus Labs simplifies e-mail data classification


  • iPhone 4.0, security news dominate

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple takes top billing yet again this week with its sneak peek at the iPhone 4.0 operating system. (Honestly, we'd ignore the hoopla if we thought we could get away with it.) Otherwise, we point our readers to a package of stories about cyberwar and a load of other security-related news.

  • SAP sees success in pay-per-user scheme of hosted solutions

    Premium-Inhalt. Aligned with its goal of reaching one billion users on 2014, SAP expects a major success in its "pay-per-user" scheme of hosted delivery solutions particularly in the Asia-Pacific (AP) region.

  • NZOSS expects powerful opposition to patent reform

    Premium-Inhalt. The New Zealand Open Source Society is expecting powerful interests to bring pressure on the government to reverse plans to exclude software from patent protection in New Zealand.

  • Beware of social networking sites

    Premium-Inhalt. Social networking sites such as Facebook not only offer a whole new world of opportunities, but also open up dangers, according to executives at the Computerworld Security Forum in Malaysia yesterday.

  • Acer Aspire X3900 Desktop PC

    Premium-Inhalt. The with a powerful Intel Core i3 processor and an abundant feature set. It's great for a space-saving home or office computer and entertainment tuned users.

  • CMStorm Sentinel Advance

    Premium-Inhalt. There are many products that enter our labs with an intention of being the best value for money products out there; products that want to balance price with features and performance. These products don’t knock you out with their performance but give you enough to leave you satisfied.Then there are products like the Cooler Master (CM) Storm Sentinel Advance Mouse, products that go all out with their performance and consequently come with a hefty price-tag too.The Sentinel Advance is a large mouse intended for use by the right-handed. It is an all-out performance mouse aimed primarily for use by gamers. And not just any gamer, this mouse is for gamers who want a great deal of customization and a lot of style.The Sentinel Advance’s design reminded me a lot of Dell’s Alienware line-up of gaming laptops (one of which ). It is a big black mouse, made up rubberized plastic with sharp lines defining its design. It is ergonomically designed and very comfortable to use and it fit into my hand quite perfectly. Apart from the regular left, right and middle (mouse wheel) buttons, the Sentinel Advance has five more buttons- one placed above the mouse wheel (that lets you browse profiles), two below it (that let you switch DPI settings on the fly) and two on the left just above where your thumb fits in (which serve as the forward/back buttons by default). The highlight of the design is an OLED display that shows your current DPI setting, Profile and Logo. More on these in a bit. Around the screen is a grill through which different hued LED lights shine through. The front of the mouse also has recesses in the lower section in which are set two LED bulbs making the mouse’s front resemble a car with headlights. The CM also has a pretty long cord that is made up of braided cloth. The mouse’s undercarriage hosts five 4.5g metal tablets that you can remove or retain according to how heavy you want it. Overall, the mouse’s build quality is solid.The bundle has a software CD that includes a tool to configure the mouse and as you can probably make out from the fifth picture on the left, Cooler Master hasn’t done a half-hearted job.

  • Researcher warns of impending PDF attack wave

    Premium-Inhalt. A design flaw in Adobe's popular PDF format will quickly be exploited by hackers to install financial malware on users' computers, a security company argued today.

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