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Meldungen vom 06.08.2012

  • Die besten Tools für den USB-Stick

    Freeware für den USB-Stick

    Auf einem USB-Stick lassen sich Daten zusammen mit den passenden Anwendungen transportieren. Einstecken und loslegen - und alles ist dabei, was Windows-Nutzer unterwegs zum Arbeiten in vertrauter Umgebung benötigen. …mehr

    Von Ramon Schwenk
  • Aus auch für Schlecker-Onlineshop

    Kein Käufer gefunden

    Der insolvente Drogerie-Onlineshop Schlecker Home Shopping in Deutschland und Österreich wird eingestellt. …mehr

  • Siri goes Kundendienst

    Nuance "Nina"

    Der Spracherkennungs-Spezialist Nuance hat mit "Nina" eine Sprachschnittstelle für mobile Kundendienst-Apps vorgestellt. …mehr

  • Social Media bei Olympia

    Kein Hype ohne Skandale

    In die Kameras zu winken, reicht nicht mehr aus. Für den Kontakt der Sportler mit ihren Fans sorgen Twitter, Facebook und YouTube. Das IOC freut sich über die zusätzlichen Medien - hat aber auch Angst vor Kontrollverlust. …mehr

  • Atos gibt Tipps zum Social Media Monitoring

    Nicht nur Suchergebnisse aggregieren

    Die intelligente Beobachtung des Social Web liefert eine wertvolle Basis für Reputations- und Krisenmanagement, Markt- und Trendanalysen sowie Innovationen. …mehr

  • eCloudManager verwaltet IT-Infrastrukturen in der Wolke

    Best in Cloud 2012

    Die fluid Operations AG hat mit dem "eCloudManager" eine Steuerkonsole entwickelt, mit deren Hilfe Anwender IT-Komponenten innerhalb von Cloud-Infrastrukturen einfacher und effizienter verwalten können. Mit einem Projekt bei der PfalzKom tritt die Lösung beim diesjährigen COMPUTERWOCHE-Wettbewerb "Best in Cloud" an.  …mehr

  • Börsen-Pechvogel Knight Capital gerettet

    Nach teurer Softwarepanne

    Die Zukunft der Wall-Street-Firma Knight Capital, die von einem Softwarefehler an den Rand des Ruins gebracht wurde, ist gesichert. …mehr

  • Philips FWP3200D - Krachmacher für Smartphones

    Gadget des Tages

    Die neue Docking-Station FWP3200D von Philips wirkt wie eine Hommage an die Ghettoblaster der 1980er Jahre. Dabei kommt die Musik nicht mehr vom Band, sondern von Apples iPhone oder iPod. …mehr

  • Der IE9 verbraucht den wenigsten Strom


    Microsoft hat sich vom TÜV Rheinland bescheinigen lassen, dass sein aktueller Browser IE9 weniger Strom verbraucht als die Konkurrenz. …mehr

  • Softwaretests gefährden IT-Compliance

    Corporate Governance

    Unternehmen öffnen ihre IT immer mehr für Kunden und Partner. Bei Integration und Softwaretests vernachlässigen sie jedoch IT-Compliance und Datenschutz, so Steria Mummert.  …mehr

  • SAP-Mitarbeiter sollen bei Reisekosten sparen


    Um die selbstgesteckten Gewinnziele zu erreichen, will der Software-Riese SAP sparen - und die Mitarbeiter sollen ihren Beitrag dazu leisten. …mehr

  • TSMC steigt mit 1,1 Milliarden Euro bei ASML ein


    Der taiwanische Halbleiterhersteller TSMC beteiligt sich in einem Milliardendeal am niederländischen Branchenausrüster ASML. …mehr

  • Gewinneinbruch bei Smartphone-Hersteller HTC

    Harter Wettbewerb

    Der taiwanische Smartphone-Spezialist HTC hat im vergangenen Quartal einen Gewinneinbruch erlitten. …mehr

  • Gesucht: die besten Arbeitgeber in der IT-Branche

    Great Place to Work und CW starten Wettbewerb

    Das unabhängige Great Place to Work Institut organisiert in Kooperation mit dem Bitkom und der COMPUTERWOCHE zum ersten Mal den branchenweiten Wettbewerb "Beste Arbeitgeber in der IT". …mehr

  • Freecom Mobile Drive Sq USB 3.0 1 TB im Test

    Günstige externe 2,5-Zoll-Festplatte

    Rein optisch erinnert das Freecom Mobile Drive Sq an ein CD-Mäppchen. Allerdings stecken in seinem Inneren keine Silberscheiben, sondern bis zu 1 TB an Speicherplatz. Lesen Sie, wie sich die stylische externe Festplatte im Test schlug.  …mehr

    Von Verena Ottmann
  • Ein guter CIO braucht mehr als IT-Wissen

    Fortbildung für IT-Manager

    Thomas Henkel, CIO von Amer Sports, plädiert für mehr allgemeines Führungswissen unter IT-Managern. Im CW-Gespräch erzählt er, warum er neben dem Job einen Executive-MBA absolviert und wie ihm das neue Wissen geholfen hat.  …mehr

  • Nutzer dürfen in Portal über Mängel berichten

    Kein virtueller "Pranger"

    Ein Hotelbetreiber ist im Rechtsstreit mit einem Bewertungsportal unterlegen.  …mehr

  • 5 Questions (and Answers) About Tonight's Mars Rover Landing

    Premium-Inhalt. After eight months traveling millions of miles, NASA's largest and most complex rover ever will attempt a difficult and complicated Mars landing tonight, August 5.

  • Massive payment card upgrade has mixed results in Australia

    Premium-Inhalt. Despite a years-long upgrade of Australia's payment systems, fraudsters are still profiting, leaving a questionable record for a vast program to equip debit and credit cards with new security features.

  • The Ups and Downs of Open Source

    Premium-Inhalt. Businesses, across all industries, yearn for highly reliable technologies to support their IT infrastructure. However, on the software side, high upfront costs, license limitations and support often become the barriers to implementation. Thus, free and flexible software have become the choice for an increasing number of companies, regardless of size.

  • Six Key Improvements in Bodhi Linux 2.0.1

    Premium-Inhalt. It's been less than a year since I first wrote about 1.2.0, but already the popular, Linux distribution has reached its second major milestone.

  • Remains of the Day: Just a little bit

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple may be doing a little bit of shopping, a California Apple Store is having a little bit of work done, and Macs helped just a little bit with the latest Mars rover. The remainders for Monday, August 6, 2012 are a little bit tricky.

  • Career Survey: IT Pros Stressed But Satisfied

    Premium-Inhalt. While the majority of IT professionals seemed satisfied with the pay they are currently receiving, more IT workers still stress that they are receiving salaries that are not worth their performance -- finding comfort in bonuses, access to new technologies and security of tenure accorded them.

  • Banking on cloud

    Premium-Inhalt. Based in Singapore, Vish Iyer is president, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)-Asia Pacific, where he is responsible for managing TCS operations across five geographies and 13 countries in the region. Recently, he had a freewheeling conversation with Zafar Anjum in TCS' Singapore office. The discussion ranged from his new role in the company to the company's initiatives and plans for the region. Here are excerpts from the interview.

  • Apple will not include YouTube app in iOS 6

    Premium-Inhalt. The fracas between Apple Google has claimed yet another casualty: When iOS 6 ships this fall, the mobile operating system will for the first time not include a built-in YouTube client.

  • Use your own 'Flame' spyware for investigations

    Premium-Inhalt. Logging onto your computer, you are greeted with a screen full of statistics in easy-to-read bar and pie graphs. One graph in particular quickly catches your attention. Out of hundreds of users, one computer is being flagged for sending large amounts of data to a server in Iran.

  • How the Cloud Keeps Fuel and Cash Flowing When the Power Goes Out

    Premium-Inhalt. When Hurricane Irene hit Eastern Massachusetts last August, the roads were filled with broken trees and downed power lines, leaving many without power for more than a week. When Diesel Direct, a trucking and construction businesses, was affected by this power outage, its founder sought an alternate plan for keeping the business active under such circumstances. He found his answer in the cloud.

  • Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home Is Nice-Looking, But the Recovery Isn't Stellar

    Premium-Inhalt. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home is playing in crowded field that not only includes capable freebies such as and , but mature, affordable and ultra-reliable programs such as and . To compete you have to be very good. Alas, while Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery certainly compares well in ease of use and has all the expected features, it didn't perform perfectly in my tests.

  • Safely on Mars, NASA rover Curiosity gets busy

    Premium-Inhalt. Now that NASA's rover Curiosity has , it's time for the robot to get to work.

  • Mars Rover FAQs: What's Next

    Premium-Inhalt. The fact that the Mars rover "Curiosity" didn't crash during its 7-minute landing sequence Sunday night PDT is, in itself, huge.

  • EARTH research project successful

    Premium-Inhalt. In the coming days, operators may be able to save up to 70 percent of energy consumed in their networks thanks to the successful completion of the two-and-a-half years long EARTH research project.

  • Mobile apps are new cyber crime attack vector

    Premium-Inhalt. Mobile apps have emerged as a new cyber crime attack vector for phishing and malware, says RSA, the security division of EMC.

  • Navigate Taipei museum sans a tour guide

    Premium-Inhalt. Armed with their mobile devices, visitors to Taipei's Museum of Contemporary Art can walk through King Hu's exhibit of some of his greatest works and admire his contribution to Chinese cinema without a tour guide.

  • Emerging smart

    Premium-Inhalt. Application stores are gaining ground in the emerging markets of Asia Pacific, the Middle East, South and Central America and Africa. This is happening because smartphone penetration is increasing and users are seeking a richer experience on their mobile devices, according to a new report by Ovum.

  • Mobility is not a top CIO priority in Asia Pacific

    Premium-Inhalt. Mobility is not a top CIO priority, according to a new report from Forrester on the latest end-user computing trends in Asia Pacific.

  • Trend Micro package protects against unpatched exploits

    Premium-Inhalt. Trend Micro today broadened its cloud-based security infrastructure so that its products can receive actionable threat intelligence that lets the security software act like a "virtual shield" against many Web-based threats.

  • Windows 8 'Metro' Start Screen is Unavoidable

    Premium-Inhalt. Bad news for people who (or ): there's apparently no way for users to get around the tiled Start menu interface in Windows 8.

  • Battery Status displays the battery levels of your Mac's connected hardware


  • Print From Your iPhone or iPad to Any Printer

    Premium-Inhalt. Want to print an email you received on your iPad? How about a photo you snapped with your iPhone? Or a document you just downloaded from Dropbox?

  • ARM flexes mobile GPU muscle with announcement of new Mali line

    Premium-Inhalt. Mobile processor maker ARM announced the second generation of its T-600 "Mali" line of mobile graphics processors on Monday, saying that new texture compression techniques will allow the new systems to provide substantial improvements in energy efficiency and performance.

  • Lenovo's new lightweight ThinkPad to ship this month

    Premium-Inhalt. Lenovo Monday said that its lighter, quicker ThinkPad, as part of an effort to attract buyers more interested in smartphones and tablets than PCs, will go on sale later this month.

  • Microsoft blocks Windows 8 Start button, boot-to-desktop hacks

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft has blocked a popular work-around that let users boot directly to the Windows 8 desktop, a co-author of an upcoming book on the operating system confirmed today.

  • AT&T Shared Data Plans: Are They Right for You?

    Premium-Inhalt. AT&T's shared data plans will launch on August 23, allowing subscribers to connect several phones, tablets, laptops, and hotspots under one big pool of data.

  • Family Tree Builder Makes It Easy and Fun to Trace Your Lineage

    Premium-Inhalt. Genealogy software Family Tree Builder is a helpful research tool for people who find it a daunting task to figure out the best way to link together all the information they collect about relatives through letters, old documents or photographs.

  • Smart devices in the enterprise to double by 2014

    Premium-Inhalt. The number of employee-owned smartphones and tablets used in the enterprise is set to reach 350 million by 2014, up from 150 million this year, according to a recent report by analyst firm Juniper Research.

  • Nielsen: Nearly half of US smartphone owners use mobile shopping apps

    Premium-Inhalt. Almost half of all smartphone owners in the U.S. use mobile shopping apps, with established online players eBay and Amazon.com leading in popularity, according to research company Nielsen.

  • New marketing head seen raising Qualcomm's profile

    Premium-Inhalt. Intel's former head of Ultra Mobility, hired Monday to become , shows that the San Diego-based chip maker is finally serious about marketing, one analyst said.

  • Massive payment card upgrade has mixed results in Australia

    Premium-Inhalt. The story "Massive payment card upgrade has mixed results in Australia," posted Monday, attributed a comment to the wrong company in the third sentence of the 25th paragraph. The error has been corrected on the wire, and the paragraph now reads:

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