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Meldungen vom 17.08.2011

  • Samsung kündigt neue SSD-Familie für Endkunden an

    Serie 830

    Samsung hat die Gamescom in Köln genutzt, um seine neue SSD-Familie "Serie 830" für Endkunden zu präsentieren.  …mehr

  • Alles, was Sie jemals über Schrift wissen wollten


    Der Taschen Verlag hat das niederländische Handbuch "Letterfontein" über Schrift dankenswerter Weise ins Deutsche übersetzt.  …mehr

  • Buchkultur und Verlagsgeschäft wollen digitale Säulen stärken

    Frankfurter Buchmesse

    Wie verändert sich die Bücherwelt im digitalen Zeitalter? Antworten und neue Ideen will die Frankfurter Buchmesse im Oktober präsentieren. …mehr

  • Hat Apple Beweisbilder gegen Samsung manipuliert?

    Photoshop für Anfänger

    Apple könnte mit seinem Kreuzzug gegen Samsung böse auf die Nase fallen. Wie ein niederländisches Technikportal nun herausfand, hat Apple die Beweisbilder des Galxy Tab 10.1 bewusst manipuliert, um die Ähnlichkeit zum iPad zu unterstreichen. …mehr

  • Die Geschichte der AVM Fritzbox

    Kommunikation made in Berlin

    Die Fritzbox gibt es seit sieben Jahren - sie hat in dieser Zeit Erfolgsgeschichte geschrieben. Wir stellen alle bisherigen Modelle vor.  …mehr

  • HTC will Einfuhr von Apple-Geräten in die USA stoppen lassen


    In seinem Patentkrieg mit Apple geht der Android-Partner HTC in die Gegenoffensive. …mehr

  • HPs Tablet liegt wie Blei in den Best-Buy-Regalen


    HPs webOS-Tablet "Touchpad" droht in den USA gnadenlos zu floppen.  …mehr

  • PC-Markt in Westeuropa weiter desolat


    Die Marktforschungs- und Beratungsfirma Gartner hat Zahlen zum PC-Markt in Westeuropa im zweiten Quartal 2011 vorgelegt.  …mehr

  • Wie die Community Cloud funktioniert

    Die Probleme im Public Sektor

    Cloud Computing für die öffentliche Hand unterscheidet sich wegen gesetzlicher Rahmenbedingungen und struktureller Unterschiede von denen der Privatwirtschaft.  …mehr

  • Facebook will Paul Ceglia Betrug nachweisen


    Im Streit mit einem ehemaligen Geschäftspartner, der Anspruch auf die Hälfte an Facebook erhebt, glauben Anwälte von Firmengründer Mark Zuckerberg den entscheidenden Beweis gefunden zu haben. …mehr

  • Nur zaghaftes Geschäftswachstum für Dell

    Prognose gekappt

    Der zweitgrößte PC-Hersteller Dell hat mit der schwachen US-Konjunktur und dem Vormarsch des Rivalen Apple zu kämpfen. …mehr

  • Sony wehrt sich mit billigeren Konsolen gegen die Konkurrenz


    Mit einer billigen mobilen Spielkonsole wehrt sich Sony in Europa gegen die wachsende Konkurrenz durch Smartphones. …mehr

  • Test - Opteron 6166 HE und 6180 SE im 4S-Server

    Effizienz vs. Performance

    AMDs Opteron-6100-Serie hat in 4-Sockel-Servern mit Intels Xeon-E7-4800-CPUs starke Konkurrenten. Die 12-Core-Opterons sind jedoch für ihre hohe Performance pro Watt bekannt. Wir testen den speziell auf Effizienz getrimmten Opteron 6166 HE sowie den für hohe Rechenleistung optimierten Opteron 6180 SE im 4-Sockel-Server IBM System x3755 M3.  …mehr

  • Wrap 1200 - Videobrille als Ersatz für 75-Zoll Fernseher

    Gadget des Tages

    Die neue Wrap 1200 Videobrille soll Großbildfernseher ersetzen und kann zudem 3D-Inhalte wiedergeben. …mehr

  • Die 10 schlimmsten Fehler im RZ

    Ratgeber Data Center und Kühlung

    Wer Rechenzentren plant und betreibt kann viele Fehler machen, die schlimmstenfalls die Sicherheit und Verfügbarkeit der IT gefährden. …mehr

  • Tipps zur Notfallplanung in Firmen

    Arbeitgeber müssen vorsorgen

    Wenn der Firmeninhaber oder der Geschäftsführer ausfällt, droht dem Unternehmen schnell das Aus. Doch so weit muss es nicht kommen, sagt Dr. Andreas Rohde.  …mehr

  • Die zehn größten rechtlichen Risiken

    Rechtsfalle IT-Outsourcing

    Mit der Auslagerung von IT-Leistungen setzen Unternehmen auf Kostenersparnis. Ohne passenden rechtlichen Rahmen wird daraus allerdings schnell eine Kostenfalle.  …mehr

  • Gamescom: Street Fighter X Tekken Video Details Cross Combat

    Premium-Inhalt. If you haven't gotten to try out at E3 or any of Capcom's house parties, their comes equipped with some helpful diagrams to show you the ropes.

  • Gamescom: NCsoft Reveals New Sci-Fi MMO, WildStar

    Premium-Inhalt. While MMO publisher NCsoft usually sticks to the realm of classic fantasy (or superheroes), upcoming MMO is a new shift for the company.

  • Gamescom: Guild Wars 2 PvP Broken Down in Exhaustive Detail

    Premium-Inhalt. Not only is , but NCSoft and ArenaNet are also dropping a book's worth of information on the combat.

  • New Sonic Generations Trailer Shows Chemical Plant Zone

    Premium-Inhalt. Although it's fairly certain most people didn't need to be told, the newest confirms that the plot involves time travel, as "New Sonic" is thrown back in time to ally with "Old Sonic" in his 20th anniversary adventure.

  • Why Microsoft Won't Buy Hardware to Compete with Googorola

    Premium-Inhalt. Chances are Microsoft will not retaliate against by acquiring a phone maker of its own, say industry analysts, mainly because of the company's rich history developing and licensing software and building an ecosystem of hardware partners.

  • Scientists to Redirect Asteroid

    Premium-Inhalt. Is it possible to redirect an asteroid if it were hurtling toward Earth? The movies and centered around the idea, but the European Space Agency (ESA) is looking to put it to the test. The ESA is planning to launch a mission to redirect an asteroid to see if it's possible to prevent a hypothetical asteroid from colliding with our planet.

  • Remains of the Day: Magically delicious

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple retail stores may be in for an LTE surprise, the architects behind the Apple campus "spaceship" are revealed, and Starbucks is handing out apps with its frappes. The remainders for Tuesday, August 16, 2011 have been whipped and made to order.

  • Green Tool from AT&T Helps Companies Add Up Savings

    Premium-Inhalt. on Tuesday to help you measure the money and greenhouse gas emissions your business could save by taking actions such as cutting down on business trips. The Carbon Impact Assessment Tool takes into consideration the overall size of a given company including its number of employees, as well as travel plans. It then lets you know what you can expect to save by utilizing digital collaboration and communication tools.

  • ICANN chief Beckstrom to step down

    Premium-Inhalt. The head of the organization chartered with managing some of the Internet's complex routing systems is stepping down.

  • Your PS3 Can Now Rent Movies On the Cheap

    Premium-Inhalt. Reintroducing a rental plan first offered back in 2008, Sony's announced that PS3 patrons can now choose from a selection of discounted movie rentals. The movies, which can be viewed in SD for $0.99 and in HD for $1.99, will be updated every Tuesday, and may or may not share this week's "grab-bag" tone:

  • Keep Your Wi-Fi Secure, Quick Windows Tips

    Premium-Inhalt. For many years, I didn't bother protecting my home network--even though PCWorld colleagues like Nick Mediati have some great tips on doing just that (see ""). Call me crazy, but I didn't see the need.

  • It's Clear Why Software Patents Need to Disappear

    Premium-Inhalt. If there's any lesson to be learned from Google's news-making activities these past few days, it's that are a problem.

  • The collar bomber's explosive tech gaffe

    Premium-Inhalt. The man who claimed to have attached a bomb collar to an Australian high school student two weeks ago thought it would be a good idea to leave a ransom note on a USB stick looped around her neck. What he probably didn't realize is that he also left his name, hidden deep in the device's memory.

  • Gamescom: Devil May Cry Takes 'Liberties' with the Franchise

    Premium-Inhalt. The new raised a few eyebrows when it was first announced thanks to its seeming change in direction. By featuring a significantly younger Dante and being developed by a Western team, fans of the series were quick to cry out that it could never be what it once was.

  • Gamescom: Ridge Racer Unbounded Taking On TrackMania

    Premium-Inhalt. It was quite refreshing to talk to Namco about . One of the first things they said regarding Ridge Racer Unbounded and how they wanted to extend its replayability was "the audience has already paid to be entertained." This is a marked shift away from the increasingly DLC-heavy approach that many developers are taking, and a move towards a more community-driven approach giving the game a much longer lifespan.

  • Gamescom: Dota 2 Coming This Year?

    Premium-Inhalt. In a , a Valve rep said that if it didn't come out this year, Dota 2 would be out early next year.

  • Price Cuts are Hot, Nintendo 3DS Sales Peak in Japan

    Premium-Inhalt. Price cuts are the trend for the gaming industry's biggest players, especially right after lagging Q1 sales all around, and Nintendo is finally showing an uptick in Nintendo 3DS sales -- in Japan, at least.

  • Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Gets November Release Date

    Premium-Inhalt. In the loose Legend of Zelda canon, Skyward Sword takes place as a prequel (of sorts) to Ocarina of Time. But you'll get to experience the story of the Master Sword's creation a little earlier than many people expected. The game is set to release on November 18 in Europe and November 20 in the US.

  • Wii Redesign Revealed -- No Longer Backwards Compatible

    Premium-Inhalt. UPDATE: Nintendo representatives are currently saying the console is bound for European release only, with no plans to release the pared-down Wii in America, according to .

  • Gamescom: TopWare Interactive Embraces Piracy

    Premium-Inhalt. TopWare Interactive has been very pleased with the reaction to Two Worlds II in recent months -- while they freely admit it's a polarizing game for both consumers and critics, it's proven to be a very successful game. This has inspired the company to spread its wings and embark on several new projects, which I got a glimpse at today.

  • Gamescom: Namco Wants You to See Tekken Blood Vengeance in 3D

    Premium-Inhalt. Tekken Blood Vengeance is a new 3D CG movie that Namco is very excited about. So much so, in fact, that not one but two upcoming Tekken products will give you the opportunity to watch it in the way it was intended -- 3D.

  • Gamescom: Could Sound Shapes be Vita's Killer App?

    Premium-Inhalt. I'm a sucker for games that do cool things with music. Titles like Rez, Lumines, Chime and Child of Eden all integrate the music into their experiences -- but no game has done this in quite so impressive a way as Queasy Games' , an upcoming PlayStation Vita title with no fixed soundtrack.

  • SteelSeries Sensei Gaming Mouse: First Impressions

    Premium-Inhalt. What could you possibly do with a 32-bit ARM processor in your mouse? Plenty of fun stuff, as it turns out. We just got our hands on the SteelSeries Sensei ($90) high-end gaming mouse. Here are our first impressions.

  • Remains of the Day: Don't call me surly

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple makes another weak social connection, Apple's forthcoming "spaceship" campus isn't as big as previously thought, and diagramming patent suits is a great way to channel your inner high-school English teacher. The remainders for Wednesday, August 17, 2011 are in subject-verb agreement.

  • Ubuntu's Next Unity Begins to Take Shape

    Premium-Inhalt. With the possible exception of , few recent innovations in the Linux world have proven as controversial as the Unity desktop included in "

  • Asus G74SX: A Monstrous Gaming Powerhouse

    Premium-Inhalt. The Asus G74SX is designed for gamers. Though its simple appearance might not tip you off, its size certainly will. In spite of a few flaws--such as a noisy keyboard and not-noisy-enough speakers--the Asus G74SX packs excellent performance into an attractive chassis. It's worth checking out if you're looking for a "mobile" gaming powerhouse.

  • Apple iAd VP to leave company

    Premium-Inhalt. Andy Miller, Apple's vice president of mobile advertising, will depart the company for greener pastures, Apple said Wednesday. His departure was first reported by .

  • Anonymous claims release of BART police officers' data

    Premium-Inhalt. Hackers claiming to belong to the Anonymous hacking collective this morning publicly posted the names, home addresses, email addresses and passwords of 102 police officers belonging to San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) agency.

  • C++ upgrade gets unanimous approval

    Premium-Inhalt. With the recently approved upgrade to the language, the ISO (International Organization for Standards) is enabling developers to leverage capabilities for parallel algorithms and higher performance, the chair of the committee responsible for the language said on Tuesday.

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