Meldungen vom 21.01.2011

  • Dell Venue Pro kommt doch nach Deutschland

    Windows Phone mit Volltastatur

    Ursprünglich nur für die USA bestimmt, kommt das Volltastatur-Smartphone mit Windows Phone 7 nun doch nach Deutschland und in andere europäische Länder. …mehr

  • Konferenz erkundet digitale Lebensentwürfe


    Neuen digitalen Lebensentwürfen widmet sich eine Konferenz, zu der ab Sonntag rund 150 Referenten und mehr als 800 Teilnehmer in München erwartet werden. …mehr

  • Telekom beantragt höheres TAL-Entgelt für "letzteMeile"

    Bei der Bundesnetzagentur

    Die Telekom hat bei der Bundesnetzagentur eine Erhöhung des monatlichen Entgelts für die "letzte Meile" beantragt. …mehr

  • Die beliebtesten iPhone- und iPad-Apps

    iTunes Rewind 2010

    Alle Jahre wieder gibt Apple preis, welche Apps, Videos, Podcasts und Songs besonders hoch in der Gunst der iPhone-, iPad- und iPod-Touch-Besitzer standen. Hier die Ergebnisse. …mehr

  • Stellt Nokia auf dem MWC Top-Modell mit Atom-Chip und Meego vor?

    Nokia N9

    Presseberichten zufolge wird Nokia auf der weltgrößten Mobilfunkmesse in Barcelona das erste Ergebnis der Zusammenarbeit mit Intel präsentieren.  …mehr

  • Google wechselt Führungsspitze aus

    Mitgründer Page übernimmt

    Überraschender Führungswechsel beim Internetkonzern Google: Vorstandschef Eric Schmidt zieht sich nach zehn Jahren in die zweite Reihe zurück. …mehr

  • AMD schafft schwarze Zahlen

    Ohne Intel-Stütze

    Der krisengeschüttelte Chipkonzern Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) hat sich zum Ausklang des vergangenen Jahres in die schwarzen Zahlen zurückgekämpft. …mehr

  • Wie Sie Ihr Windows schützen

    10 Tipps für XP und Vista

    Der neue Rechner ist gerade gekauft, da kommt auch schon der erste Wurm um die Ecke und will Ihrem System an den Kragen. Im Büro lauern Spam-Mails, unterwegs bösartige WLAN-Honeypots. Was tun? …mehr

    Von Christian Löbering
  • HP Photosmart Wireless B110a

    Multifunktionsgerät im Test

    Der HP Photosmart Wireless B110a druckt ohne Druckertreiber vom Smartphone oder Notebook. Außerdem lässt sich das Multifunktionsgerät mit Apps erweitern. Der Test checkt sowohl die neuen Talente als auch die Grundfunktionen im Drucken, Scannen und Kopieren. …mehr

    Von Ines Walke-Chomjakov
  • Samsung Spinpoint F4 Ecogreen 2TB HD204UI im Test

    Preiswerte Öko-Festplatte

    Die Samsung Spinpoint F4 Ecogreen 2TB HD204UI arbeitet sehr leise und sparsam. Der Test prüft, ob die 3,5-Zoll-Festplatte auch ein vernünftiges Tempo bietet. …mehr

    Von Michael Schmelzle
  • All-In-One-PCs mit Display im Test

    Hardware im Test

    Ein All-In-One-PC mit Display vermeidet Kabelgewirr auf dem Schreibtisch. Die neuesten Geräte haben ein Multitouch-Display. In unserer Galerie stellen wir die besten All-In-One-PCs im Test vor.  …mehr

    Von Miachael Schmelzle und Alexander Kuch
  • Wer über 59 ist, kriegt keine Abfindung

    BAG sieht keine Diskriminierung

    Ältere Mitarbeiter dürfen im Sozialplan der Firma benachteiligt werden. Fenimore Frhr. v. Bredow* stellt ein Urteil des Bundesarbeitsgerichts vor.  …mehr

  • Test - VMware vCenter Server im Praxiseinsatz

    Server-Management mit VMware

    Das vCenter ist die Managementplattform von VMware für virtuelle IT-Infrastrukturen unter vSphere. Es umfasst Tools und Hilfen, mit denen sich virtueller Maschinen effizient verwalten lassen. Wir haben das vCenter Server im Praxiseinsatz getestet.  …mehr

  • "System-Management" für den Blackberry

    Die App des Tages

    "Meterberry" von Giant Cashew Software zielt auf Anwender, die einen besseren Einblick in den Systemzustand ihres Blackberry erhalten wollen.  …mehr

  • Erste Hilfe bei VoIP-Problemen

    Ratgeber - Troubleshooting im Netz (Teil 1)

    Die Integration der Telekommunikation in IP-Datennetze per VoIP bringt viele Vorteile - aber auch einen immensen Nachteil: Bei Fehlern sind Sprach- und Datennetz gemeinsam gefährdet. Der erfahrene IT-Trainer Loden Tashi erklärt, wie Sie bei der Fehlersuche am effizientesten vorgehen können. …mehr

    Von Loden Tashi
  • Führungskraft trotz Zweifel einstellen?

    Der Führungstipp

    "Für meine Web-Agentur suche ich einen neuen stellvertretenden Geschäftsführer. Ein Bewerber hinterließ im Vorstellungsgespräch einen guten Eindruck. Dennoch zweifle ich, ob er mich als Geschäftsinhaber vertreten kann. Soll ich ihn trotzdem einstellen?"  …mehr

  • TED Notepad Offers Extras MS Notepad Doesn't

    is a notepad replacement program that has a very straightforward goal: to be a better notepad, not a full-featured programmer's editor. It succeeds admirably at that goal. When you fire TED Notepad up, you see a screen very much like classic Notepad, except for a few more menus, most of which contain a whole lot of items. Fortunately, all of this power is safely kept out of the way until and unless you need it; you can use TED Notepad pretty much exactly as you use Windows Notepad, until you need to dig in and see what it can do.  …mehr

  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5

    The 10-megapixel Lumix LX5 backs up its F2.0 ultra-wide-angle zoom lens (3.8X optical zoom, 24mm to 95mm) with manual controls for both still shots and video, a great macro mode that practically lets you touch the lens to your subject, fast access to focus controls, and a button layout that provides easy access to in-camera settings. On the back is a 3-inch LCD screen for framing your shots, but there's no optical viewfinder; instead, a proprietary hot-shoe connection lets you connect an eye-level electronic viewfinder (EVF) that's compatible with Panasonic's G-series interchangeable-lens cameras.  …mehr

  • High-End Point-and-Shoots

    The vast majority of compact cameras are so simple and automated that you can use them in your sleep. But these five cameras are more-complex animals. Though they're still easy to use, they come loaded with higher-quality lenses, bigger sensors, RAW shooting, full manual controls, unique modes, and image quality that might please even pro shooters.  …mehr

  • No strings attached: Wireless music and images

    I love the way that functionality is either being built into, or can be added to, just about everything these days. For example, my big complaint about my toys has been in connecting them to my stereo; plugging a mini-jack into an iPod Touch or an seems so, well, retro given the beauty and elegance of these devices.  …mehr

  • Google's CEO switch could be a risky move

    Google's decision to change CEOs, announced on the same day it reported yet another blockbuster quarter, begs the question of whether the company is trying to fix something that isn't broken.  …mehr

  • Google's CEO switch could be a risky move

    Google's decision to change CEOs, announced on the same day it reported yet another blockbuster quarter, begs the question of whether the company is trying to fix something that isn't broken.  …mehr

  • Tablets: iPad 2 vs. Xoom vs. PlayBook vs. WebOS Slates

    It may seem like 2010 was the year of the tablet, but the reality is that 2010 was really just the year of the iPad with 15 million units sold and no real competitors for the Apple tablet. However, 2011 will be very different with a diverse variety of tablet options emerging--including some particularly relevant entries from major players.  …mehr

  • Mastering computers easier than riding a bike for kids, survey finds

    Children five years old and younger are acquiring at least some computer skills at rates higher than they pick up more traditional childhood activities like swimming and bike riding, a survey says.  …mehr

  • Nikon Coolpix P7000: Powerful but Challenging

    When you're behind the lens of the 10-megapixel Nikon Coolpix P7000 ($500 as of January 3, 2011), you almost feel like you're at the helm of a jet. The camera is peppered with physical buttons, offering fast access to manual settings via a cockpit-like array of controls. owners will feel right at home behind the wheel of the Coolpix P7000, which offers great image quality to go along with those extensive imaging controls.  …mehr

  • How Quora Could Help Your Business

    Question-and-answer sites like may offer a quick way to ask questions and get answers, but they tend to be plagued by wisecracks, poor spelling, and generally low quality. On the other hand, a new site targeting this niche, Quora, is going to great lengths to keep quality high.  …mehr

  • Ellsberg: With Wikileaks, Google, Facebook must take a stand

    The Silicon Valley companies that store our personal data have a growing responsibility to protect it from government snooping, according to Daniel Ellsberg, the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers.  …mehr

  • Report: Lenovo in talks for stake in NEC PC division

    Lenovo is in talks to take a majority stake in Japan's biggest PC maker, a Japanese newspaper reported on Friday.  …mehr

  • 'Big data' to rise in 2011

    Among the continued maturation of Cloud computing and increasing competition between tablet manufacturers, 2011 is expected to see higher use of multi-terabyte datasets for business intelligence and analytics, otherwise known as "big data".  …mehr

  • Bloom Starts To Deliver On the Hype

    Bloom Energy y a new program that sells electricity created by their fuel cells, rather than the fuel cells themselves. In my opinion, this is an extremely important event. It eliminates the two biggest obstacles for Bloom and for distributed generation in general:  …mehr

  • Motorola Cliq 2: Ready for Business and Fun

    When the , I was pretty impressed with it. It was the third Android phone to debut in the United States and the first from Motorola. What I liked best about it, though, was how much thought Motorola put into its design. The affordable Cliq 2 ($100 with a two year contract from T-Mobile; price as of 1/18/10) makes the first Cliq feel like a child's toy.  …mehr

  • Samsung TL500: Good Camera in Tough League

    The Samsung TL500's spec list reads like an all-star team recruited from other advanced point-and-shoot cameras' more enticing qualities. Like the , it comes equipped with a flip-and-rotate screen to help with odd-angle shots. Like the , it offers an ultra-wide-angle 24mm lens (and a separate lens cap). And like the and the PowerShot G12, it has a slightly bulky body and a raised handgrip that feel good in the hand. It also packs a hot shoe that you can use with Samsung's external flashes, and it has a 3X optical zoom (24mm to 72mm).  …mehr

  • Canon PowerShot G12: Best-of-Breed

    Thanks to its easy operation and adroit balance of strong performance, helpful hardware, and fun shooting modes, the 10-megapixel Canon PowerShot G12 ($500 as of January 3, 2011) earned our top pick in a of five advanced point-and-shoot cameras. The G12 received the best overall scores in our image-quality tests--a result that merely scratches the surface of the camera's appeal.  …mehr

  • Top 5 laptops: January 2011

    Our Top 5 laptops list for January 2011 is dominated by small and light notebooks from Dell, HP, Sony and Toshiba, ranging in size from 10.1in to 13.3in. However, we have also included the comparatively huge Medion Akoya E7216 (MD98550), which goes on sale at Aldi supermarkets on Thursday 27 January. It's a 17.3in laptop with plenty of great features (including USB 3.0 and HDMI) and good performance, and it only costs $799.  …mehr

  • AFP to overhaul antivirus, anti-malware security

    The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is to overhaul its data and systems security shortly, with the deployment of new organisation-wide antivirus and anti-malware suites.  …mehr

  • Dragon Age 2's Dead Space costume

    EA has revealed the first info and pics of the Dead Space-inspired armored and weaponry that Dead Space 2 fans will be able to port over to Dragon Age 2. It may not make any sense in the middle ages, but it sure looks snazzy.  …mehr

  • Google Management Shuffle: Right Move, Wrong Guy?

    Today's announcement that Google co-founder Larry Page would replace Eric Schmidt as the company's CEO was a surprise, but maybe it shouldn't have been. While the company's earnings are still stellar, Schmidt has made a series of embarrassing statements and the company has had some very public failures.  …mehr

  • With Schmidt Out as CEO, Google Can Focus on Products

    With not a single rumor to foretell the news, Google shocked the tech world Thursday by announcing that to a smaller role of executive chairman. Co-founder Larry Page is the new CEO, and Sergey Brin's official title will be Co-Founder.  …mehr

  • Canon PowerShot S95

    The PowerShot S95 a small, most pocket-friendly camera that doesn't sacrifice performance to achieve its dimensions. The S95 ($400 as of January 3, 2011) is a minor upgrade to last year's highly rated (it adds 720p high-definition video capture at 24 frames per second and an HDR scene mode to the S90's array of offerings), and in many respects it's a tiny, pocketable version of the . It offers most of that camera's fun shooting modes, and its image and video quality are impressive for its size. It's also noteworthy among the five models we tested for being the most accessible to casual shooters.  …mehr

  • Empire Online for iPhone

    's holds the distinction of being the first Chinese massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Lakoo has brought the distinctive and popular title to the worldwide market with a surprisingly fun English version. The free-to-download app is loaded with content and should satisfy adventurers of all stripes.  …mehr

  • Remains of the Day: Pentalobegate

    Apple is evil! Or so say the folks at iFixIt. Probably, the folks at Nokia say it too, since Apple's suing them. Again. And AOL is trying to be funny, though it's up in the air whether that's ha-ha funny or funny in the sad, ironic way. Thank goodness that we can cover all these stories for you in your Thursday, January 20 remainders.  …mehr

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