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Meldungen vom 22.08.2011

  • Anonymous nimmt die Gema vom Netz


    Die Website der Verwertungsgesellschaft Gema ist erneut unter Beschuss. …mehr

  • Domscheit-Berg löscht angeblich 60.000 Emails der NPD


    Wikileaks-Aussteiger Daniel Domscheit-Berg hat nach eigenen Angaben mehr als 3500 unveröffentlichte Dateien zerstört, die er beim Verlassen der Enthüllungsplattform mitgenommen hatte.  …mehr

  • Licht als sichere Nachrichtentechnik der Zukunft


    Christine Silberhorn will Licht zur sicheren Nachrichtenübermittlung nutzen.  …mehr

  • HP verramscht die webOS-Hardware

    Auch in Deutschland

    Nach seinem angekündigten Strategiewechsel macht Hewlett-Packard Nägel mit Köpfen und verkauft die verbliebene webOS-Hardware ab.  …mehr

  • TouchPad-Ausverkauf zwingt Server vom HP Online-Shop in die Knie

    Schnäppchenjäger unterwegs

    Nur kurze Zeit, nachdem HP die Preise für seine webOS-Produkte im deutschen Online-Shop drastisch gesenkt hat, kapitulieren Server und Telefon-Hotline.  …mehr

  • Millionengeschäfte mit Download-Abmahnungen

    Auch Unschuldige betroffen

    Illegales Tauschen von Filmen, Musik und Co richtet Millionenschäden an.  …mehr

  • DEV-5 und DEV-3 - Neue digitale Ferngläser von Sony

    Gadget des Tages

    Mit den neuen digitalen Ferngläser DEV-5 und DEV-3 von Sony kann das Gesehene gleich in HD-Qualität aufgenommen werden. …mehr

  • Neue Hinweise auf iPad 3 mit LTE-Unterstützung

    Schneller Datenstandard

    Nach Informationen des Blogs "Cult of Mac" testet Apple bereits erste Prototypen mit iOS, die den schnellen Datenstandard LTE unterstützen. Dass es sich dabei um das iPad handelt und nicht um das iPhone, lassen frühere Hinweise vermuten. …mehr

  • 275.000 Besucher auf der Gamescom

    Neuer Highscore

    Europas größte Spielemesse, die Gamescom in Köln, hat am Abschlusswochenende einen Besucheransturm erlebt. …mehr

  • Palm - Ein Pionier mit wechselvoller Geschichte

    webOS vor dem Aus?

    Mit der fundamentalen Neuausrichtung von Hewlett-Packard steht auch die Zukunft des Smartphone-Betriebssystems WebOS von Palm und die Marke Palm selbst zur Disposition. …mehr

  • Apotheker will Aktionären neue Strategie vermitteln


    Der Chef des US-Computerkonzerns Hewlett-Packard (HP), Léo Apotheker, will in dieser Woche bei Treffen mit Aktionären in New York, Boston und London seine Strategie vermitteln. …mehr

  • Von Krise ist nichts zu spüren


    Von wegen Krise - das Geschäft des Walldorfer Softwarekonzerns SAP brummt trotz Börsenturbulenzen. …mehr

  • Wie lange kann Apple den Tablet-Markt noch dominieren?

    iOS vs. Android

    Auf dem Tablet-Markt gibt es heute einen klaren Sieger: Apple. Doch wenn Google seine Hausaufgaben richtig macht, könnten Android-Tablets das iPad bereits in naher Zukunft überholen.  …mehr

  • Toshiba Satellite L775-127

    Notebook im Test

    Sandy Bridge im Großformat: Das Toshiba Satellite L775-127 kombiniert einen 17,3-Zoll-Bildschirm mit einer Core-i5-CPU und 8 GB RAM. Der Test zeigt, was das bringt.  …mehr

  • Was Online-Händler bei der Werbung beachten müssen

    Das Internet ist kein rechtsfreier Raum

    Ob Wettbewerbsrecht, Markenrecht oder Urheberrecht - juristische Grenzen und Fallstricke gibt es im Web-Verkehr viele.  …mehr

  • Unsere Lösungen müssen auch für die Kunden taugen

    IT intim - Die Sorgen der CIOs

    Womit beschäftigt sich der CIO eines ICT-Dienstleisters, der Großprojekte für die CIOs anderer Unternehmen plant und umsetzt?  …mehr

  • Zehn Karriereportale im Vergleich

    Xing, Jobware, Monster und Co.

    Xing, Jobware, Jobscout, Experteer, LinkedIn, Monster, Stepstone, Placement 24, BranchOut, Arge online: Welche Karriere-Site ist die beste?  …mehr

  • Security firms knock heads over Shady RAT hacks

    Premium-Inhalt. U.S. and Russian antivirus vendors took shots at each other as they quarreled over a recent report of a cyber campaign that allegedly infiltrated scores of Western governments, organizations and corporations.

  • Google+, Day 16: Using Google+ From My iPhone

    Premium-Inhalt. A good mobile app is crucial for social networking. Google has its own mobile OS with Android, but it still has to appreciate the fact that many Google+ , and provide the iOS platform with an app capable of delivering the Google+ experience on the go. For today's , I am exploring the Google+ iOS app.

  • Fire Sale HP TouchPad: Pros and Cons

    Premium-Inhalt. If you're still looking for a at the fire sale price of $99, you still have . But is it worth the effort? After all, HP's decision to puts the platform in jeopardy, so you may be buying a device whose operating system is, at best, in limbo.

  • You Can Now Rent Miramax Movies on Facebook

    Premium-Inhalt. Movie studio Miramax will begin offering online movie rentals via Facebook. This makes Miramax the second studio to offer Facebook rentals--Warner Bros. . Like Warner's service, Miramax will serve up content through a for 30 Facebook credits or $3 per rental.

  • Twitter launches User Galleries

    Premium-Inhalt. Twitter on Monday launched , a new feature that aggregates the images a person has uploaded into a single place.

  • Skype acquiring startup GroupMe for group text messaging

    Premium-Inhalt. Internet calling company Skype said Sunday that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire GroupMe, a startup that offers a free group text messaging and conference call service on mobile phones.

  • Browsing and Privacy: How to Not Get Tracked

    Premium-Inhalt. If you're old enough to remember the Cold War, you know what an arms race is. One side comes up with a new weapon, the other side matches it, and then the first comes back with something even bigger and so on and so on. That also describes the ongoing battle between computer users who value their privacy and the Web sites and their advertisers that don't.

  • Yale warns 43,000 about 10-month-long data breach

    Premium-Inhalt. Yale University has notified about 43,000 faculty, staff, students and alumni that their names and Social Security numbers were publicly available via Google search for about 10 months.

  • Verizon Wireless adds 25 cities receiving LTE on Sept. 15

    Premium-Inhalt. Verizon Wireless on Monday named 25 more cities, mainly in Illinois and other Midwestern states, that will get its 4G LTE service on Sept. 15.

  • Ford and Toyota Partner on Web-Connected Car Standards

    Premium-Inhalt. Ford and Toyota are teaming up to improve hi-tech cars by setting standards for .

  • Bulk-Delete Gmail Messages

    Premium-Inhalt. Reader Al wants to know “how to delete several thousand messages in the Gmail inbox, all at the same time.”As Al notes, Gmail lets you select and delete only a screen’s worth of mail at a time. So how can you work past that? How can you bulk-delete Gmail messages?The trick lies in creating a filter that deletes mail older than whatever date you specify. Here’s how: 1. Open your Web browser, head to Gmail, and sign into your account. 2. Next to the Search the Web button up top, click Create a filter. 3. In the "Has the words" field, type before:2010/01/01. That's just an example date; it would delete all messages received prior to January 1 of last year. You can use any date you want, as long as it conforms to the format YYYY/MM/DD.4. Click Next step. 5. Check the box marked Delete it, then check the box for Also apply filter to ### conversations below. (Tip: If you want to preserve your mail while still getting it out of your inbox, choose Skip the inbox (Archive it) instead.) 6. Finally, click Create Filter. Depending on how many messages meet the filter criteria, the deletion process may take a minute or two.Just make sure you really want to permanently delete all that mail. Unless you’re approaching your storage limit, the smarter move is to archive it instead. That way it’ll still be available when your run searches, but won’t clutter up your inbox.Contributing Editor writes about business and consumer technology. Ask for help with your PC hassles at hasslefree@pcworld.com, or try the treasure trove of helpful folks in the.

  • Hong Kong police say they've arrested stock exchange hacker

    Premium-Inhalt. Hong Kong police have arrested a local man in connection with an .

  • SaaS ERP is Making the Grade at Brown University

    Premium-Inhalt. When powerful ERP applications are needed by growing businesses today, more and more as a viable option to traditional complex, expensive and labor-intensive packaged ERP suites. And while SaaS ERP is still young, in the right setting and with the right users, it's offering some eye-opening real world gains for a variety of organizations.

  • Remains of the Day: Talking smack

    Premium-Inhalt. Michael Dell and HP go head-to-head on the PC industry, Lenovo throws down the gauntlet in the tablet space, and it's The People vs. Apple on censorship. The remainders for Monday, August 22, 2011 talk the talk walk the walk.

  • Workplace Conflict: How to Diffuse Battles with Co-Workers

    Premium-Inhalt. No one likes to address workplace conflicts--not the employees who get embroiled in them and especially not the employees' managers, who pretend they don't exist. After all, conflict is messy, often political, and requires confrontation--an activity most people aim to avoid.

  • Mobility in the enterprise - Part 1

    Premium-Inhalt. The CEO wants an iPad.

  • Why the frak does my credit card keep being skimmed?

    Premium-Inhalt. Despite my obsession with social media and constantly telling people where I am and what I'm doing, I pride myself as being a generally careful person with my personal data both online and in the non-Web world. I'd call myself Web savvy, able to spot spam easily, and I'm careful about where I use my credit card. Despite my cautious nature, in the past year alone I have had my credit card skimmed, not once, not twice, but three times.

  • Fable 4 Coming in 2013

    Premium-Inhalt. Fable: The Journey (Lionhead's family-oriented Kinect title), is still due sometime in 2012, but it looks like the studio isn't giving up on regular adventure titles set in the land of Albion just yet. According to Official Xbox Magazine, we can "look for the Fable cycle to continue with a proper, controller-based Fable 4 in 2013." (via Eurogamer). The Eurogamer article also conjectures that Fable 4 may be a launch title for Microsoft's currently unannounced Next Xbox (what we're calling NextBox around the office), which isn't too far off-base from what we're expecting to hear next year. Nintendo's going to be first out the gate, but both Microsoft and Sony will almost certainly have new console announcements by E3. A new, full-featured Fable would be a great game to lead off with.

  • BlackBerry 7 Compatible Apps: 10 Free Downloads

    Premium-Inhalt. Looking for apps that are compatible with RIM's new BlackBerry 7 OS? CIO.com's Al Sacco spotlights 10 must-haves including apps for social networking, navigation, entertainment and a cool augmented reality browser.

  • Can't Snag a $99 HP TouchPad? Here Are 5 Alternatives

    Premium-Inhalt. If you've missed out on Hewlett-Packard's close-out deals on the --$99 for the 16GB model, and $149 for 32GB--you might want to check out low-cost slates from competing vendors.

  • TouchDroid will turn TouchPads into Android tablets

    Premium-Inhalt. The lucky people who managed to buy a US$99 TouchPad before they sold out just got luckier: A group of developers is working on a way to load Android onto the tablets.

  • Domain Name Suggests New Kindle Will Have Stylus

    Premium-Inhalt. Readers who like to follow the bread crumb trails that gadget makers leave prior to the announcement of a new product might want to digest this morsel in the whois registry: kindlescribe.com. This domain name, registered by Amazon.com Holdings, could be a tip-off that a stylus may be the future of the company's best selling e-reader.

  • Apple's A6 chip to boost speed, battery life in next iPad

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple's next iPad will be faster and more power-efficient thanks to its new, quad-core A6 processor, but the new tablet may not be ready to ship until next June, an industry analyst said Monday.

  • Time for Bethesda to Drop the 'Scrolls' Lawsuit

    Premium-Inhalt. Sometimes, companies get so lost in copyright law and other legal minutiae that they can't see the forest for the trees.

  • Six Companies Who Should Sue Bethesda

    Premium-Inhalt. Bethesda has hit the headlines recently for . Apparently, they own a monopoly on the word "scroll," and they're afraid that people will confuse with the indie dev's next game .

  • New iOS Beta Contains Earthquake Warnings for Japan

    Premium-Inhalt. The latest beta of iOS 5 features an earthquake warning system for Japanese iPhone users. The feature constantly checks in with Japan's early warning system, which consists of over 1000 seismographs scattered throughout the country. The iPhone's earthquake warning system can therefore give users a few vital seconds--or, in some cases, even minutes--of warning in case of a disaster.

  • Apple updates iTunes to 10.4.1

    Premium-Inhalt. It's tune-up time for iTunes: Apple on Monday to address a collection of pesky bugs in the application.

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