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Meldungen vom 28.04.2011

  • Datenmissbrauch bei Sony schwierig nachzuweisen

    PSN und Qriocity

    Online-Spieler in Deutschland befürchten den Missbrauch ihrer Daten. …mehr

  • Mittelstand weiter im Aufwind

    IT-Mittelstandsindex März 2011

    Der von Fujitsu und Techconsult gemeinsam ermittelte IT-Mittelstandsindex zeigt: Der Branche geht es gut.  …mehr

  • HP darf die Desktops der NASA modernisieren


    Hewlett-Packard (HP) hat einen Großauftrag von der US-Raumfahrtbehörde NASA über die Modernisierung von deren Desktop-Umgebung erhalten.  …mehr

  • Grün sein lohnt sich

    Energiesparen im Rechenzentrum

    Im Betrieb von Rechenzentren zahlt sich Ökologie aus. Ein Rechenbeispiel zeigt das Sparpotenzial von Green IT.  …mehr

  • Amazon konnte nicht alle Daten retten

    Nach EC2-Crash

    Amazon hat eingeräumt, dass bei dem Ausfall von Teilen seiner Cloud-Infrastruktur AWS letzte Woche einige Daten für immer verlorengegangen sind.  …mehr

  • D + S legt sich beim IT-Service langfristig fest


    Zehn Jahre lang soll Atos Origin Rechenzentrum und Infrastruktur sowie Netze und Desktop-Services für die D+S Communication Center Management betreiben.  …mehr

  • Sony will nach Angriff Online-Plattform neu aufsetzen


    Nach dem Datenklau bei den Sony-Diensten für Spiele, Musik und Filme will das Unternehmen die gehackte Online-Plattform neu aufsetzen. …mehr

  • Steve Jobs verteidigt iPhone-Ortung


    Apple muss wegen der Erfassung von Ortsdaten bei iPhone und iPad viel Kritik einstecken. …mehr

  • Flexible Kompression auf höchstem Niveau

    Kleine Helfer

    IZArc ist vielleicht nicht so bekannt, aber ein leistungsfähiger All-in-One-Packer. …mehr

  • Google Docs hat jetzt eine Android-App

    Mobiler Cloud-Zugriff

    Benutzer eines Android-Smartphones können ab sofort über eine native App auf Google-Docs-Dateien in der Cloud zugreifen.  …mehr

  • Datenschützer fordern schärfere Gesetze

    Nach Datenleck bei Sony

    Nach Bekanntwerden des riesigen Datenlecks bei Sony haben Experten schärfere Datenschutzgesetze gefordert, um Weltkonzerne bei Verstößen in Deutschland belangen zu können. …mehr

  • Karriereratgeber 2011 - Birgit Zimmer-Wagner, Bewerber Consult

    Tipps fürs Eigenmarketing

    Vom 28. April bis 11. Mai betreut Birgit Zimmer-Wagner das CW-Karriereforum. Sie coacht Bewerber und gibt ihnen Tipps zu Selbstvermarktungsstrategien.  …mehr

  • Youtube-Gründer übernehmen sozialen Bookmark-Dienst Delicious

    Von Yahoo!

    Der beliebte Bookmark-Service Delicious hat ein neues Zuhause gefunden. …mehr

  • Auf eBay herrscht reges Treiben

    Wachstum auch dank PayPal

    Auf dem Online-Marktplatz eBay herrscht weiter Hochbetrieb. …mehr

  • SAP verfehlt im ersten Quartal die Erwartungen

    Ausblick bekräftigt

    Europas größter Softwareanbieter SAP ist dank der Sybase-Übernahme und der Erholung der Weltmärkte mit einem Umsatz- und Gewinnanstieg ins Jahr gestartet. …mehr

  • Canon Pixma MX410 im Test


    Das Canon Pixma MX410 ist ein günstiges Multifunktionsgerät mit Fax und WLAN. Neben der Leistung im Drucken, Scannen und Kopieren nimmt sich der Test auch die Folgekosten vor.  …mehr

  • Fantec DB-ALU3 1TB im Test

    Externe 3,5-Zoll-Festplatte

    Die Fantec DB-ALU3 1TB besitzt ein leichtes, aber stabiles Aluminiumgehäuse. Der Test prüft, ob auch die inneren Werte der externe 3,5-Zoll-Festplatte stimmen.  …mehr

  • Kyocera Mita FS-C5150DN im Test

    Mächtiger Farblaserdrucker

    Der Farblaserdrucker Kyocera Mita FS-C5150DN soll das Druckaufkommen mehrerer Anwender schaffen. Das bestätigte er im Test und blieb in den Folgekosten erfreulich günstig.  …mehr

  • Aktuelles zum Rauchen am Arbeitsplatz

    Blauer Dunst in der Firma

    Dr. Christian Salzbrunn stellt drei wichtige Urteile zum Rauchverbot in Unternehmen vor.  …mehr

  • Yahoo Hadoop spin-off could propel software's growth

    Premium-Inhalt. Yahoo's reported plan to spin off its Hadoop engineering unit into a separate company, should it happen, could spur more competition in the already-growing field of providing support for this data processing framework, observers said.

  • Legal Troubles Heat Up For Sony After PSN Breach

    Premium-Inhalt. Sony's announcement on Tuesday of that forced it to shut down the PlayStation Network (PSN) is causing a firestorm of potential legal and political trouble that seems unlikely to die down any time soon. may very well be the first of many, and one class-action lawyer is planning to file suit .

  • Verizon finds cause of LTE outage

    Premium-Inhalt. Verizon Wireless has determined the cause of an outage that crippled its LTE mobile data network starting late Tuesday and it is working to solve the problem, but the carrier has not estimated when the system will be restored.

  • Tasmanian Polytechnic rolls out mobile device management

    Premium-Inhalt. The Tasmanian Polytechnic has rolled out mobile device management across its fleet of iPhones and iPads in a bid to provide increased security and a centralised approach to apps.

  • Use Mind Maps to Track Your To-Do List

    Premium-Inhalt. Got some a busy week ahead of you? If you're like me, you'll be depending on your favorite to-do app to get you through it. But task lists aren't the only way to track next actions, and in some cases they may not be the best. When you've got a short-term project to get through, a can be a great way to track all of the tasks for a short-term project or a finite span of time--such as a trade show--on a single, visually intuitive page.

  • HP TouchSmart 610 Quad

    Premium-Inhalt. HP has a proven track record of producing strong , and the TouchSmart 610 Quad is no exception. But with a starting price of $1599, you'll pay dearly for the privilege of owning one. Our review unit ($1849 as of April 27, 2011) included an Intel Core i7-870 quad-core processor running at 2.93GHz, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, 1TB of hard-drive space, and an ATI Radeon HD 5570 graphics card. For such a premium price, we would have preferred that HP include the latest Sandy Bridge processor, but it's still an impressive arsenal for a 23-inch all-in-one desktop--and after a thorough review, we have the performance scores to prove it.

  • China's Baidu revenue, profits up on strong traffic growth

    Premium-Inhalt. China's largest search engine, Baidu, reported strong revenue and profit growth in the first quarter, driven by "solid traffic growth" and measures to generate more revenue from the company's sites.

  • Sony to restart Blu-ray Disc production in late May

    Premium-Inhalt. Sony plans to resume production of Blu-ray and other optical discs at a tsunami-hit factory in northern Japan in late May, it said Thursday.

  • What Does Sony Owe Consumers After PSN Nightmare?

    Premium-Inhalt. What responsibility does Sony have to the 77 million Playstation Network customers who found out this week - days after the fact - that ?

  • Intel eyes post-Thunderbolt interconnect for 2015

    Premium-Inhalt. A new interconnect technology being developed by Intel could be ready for use by 2015 and will be able to shuttle data between computers at up to five times the speed of its recently launched Thunderbolt technology, an Intel researcher said on Wednesday.

  • Chaos Rings Gets Two Follow-Ups

    Premium-Inhalt. Square Enix's iOS RPG Chaos Rings gained a good bit of steam since its release last year, and rightfully so; it's one of the better original RPGs on the platform. This week in Japan, Square Enix revealed a new entry in the franchise, and teased another.

  • Remains of the Day: iCloud, therefore I am

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple's rumored cloud service may have a moniker, two controversial iOS games battle with the App Store, and the white iPhone may actually be identical to its black counterpart. The remainders for Thursday, April 28, 2011 are just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

  • RIM warns Q1 earnings to be lower than expected

    Premium-Inhalt. Research In Motion warned that its first-quarter smartphone shipments are likely to be lower than expected, cutting its earnings forecast for the quarter.

  • NPD: iPhone 4 Reigns, Smartphones Rule

    Premium-Inhalt. The iPhone 4 has solidified its position as the most popular smartphone among U.S. consumers--no doubt boosted by Verizon--according to the NPD Group. The bigger news, however, might be the rise of smartphones overall.

  • Lend Lease subsidiary chosen for stage 2 Tasmanian NBN

    Premium-Inhalt. One half of a joint venture formed to bid for the $12 billion nationwide NBN construction tender has been chosen to build fibre out to seven Tasmanian towns as part of the second stage of rollout on the island.

  • LTE outage irks users, dents Verizon's reputation

    Premium-Inhalt. Verizon still hasn't disclosed the cause of the network outage that plagued LTE users this week, but at least one effect is clear: embarrassment.

  • How We're Using SharePoint 2010 to Connect Our People

    Premium-Inhalt. When you are a company with 500 offices and 15,000 employees, it's easy for people to lose each other, or never meet at all.

  • Why The Fed Should Use Durbin To Push EMV

    Premium-Inhalt. On April 27, 2011, I participated in a panel at the in Washington, DC on the possible impacts of (otherwise known as "the Durbin Amendment") on payment system security, during which I advanced a seemingly radical proposal: that the Federal Reserve could, and should, use the Durbin Amendment as a vehicle to move the United States onto the EMV smart card standard. In this post, I will explain how I came to this conclusion. If you would like to see the original discussion, the archived copy of the webcast can be found .

  • Sharp Aquos LC-60LE835U Big-Screen 3D HDTV

    Premium-Inhalt. The Sharp Aquos LC-60LE835U has much to commend it: For about $2650 (as of April 8, 2011), this 60-inch LED-backlit connected delivers decent (if not stellar) image quality, 3D support, great audio, and a few unusual extras. However, although Sharp has become a lot more competitive in its pricing, the set falls short in several respects. Most notably, its Internet offerings are somewhat anemic, and Sharp's user interface for on-screen controls still needs work.

  • XAMPP Development Server Software Helps Run Web Sites

    Premium-Inhalt. For open-source Web servers, the most popular stack of software is the Apache server, MySQL database, and PHP scripting language. Drawing from their initials, implementations of this on Windows and Linux are known respectively as WAMP and LAMP. (free) extends these acronyms, and provides a one-click installation of this stack on Linux, Windows, Mac, or Solaris, along with a handful of other helpful applications and services.

  • IT-Business Alignment a Thing of the Past

    Premium-Inhalt. How is your IT strategy developed? Most companies work tirelessly to make sure it directly aligns to the business strategy, but it's still a waterfall process: Decide on a business strategy, and then build a technology strategy to support it. In fact, according to Forrester data, more than two-thirds of IT leaders wait for business leaders to finalize their strategy before IT formulates its own.

  • Why You Should Stop Worrying and Let End Users Have iPads

    Premium-Inhalt. About 15 years ago, there was a movement in IT to reduce platforms. CIOs wanted to simplify environments that included the odd minicomputer from the 1980s, Unix and Windows servers, PC and Mac desktops and a raft of applications of mixed vintage.

  • Advice for Industry-Switching CIOs

    Premium-Inhalt. Every time another survey about CIO tenure shows up, we're reminded yet again that a long corporate life at one company is rarely in the cards for IT leaders. Today's CIO lasts an average of 4.1 years on the job, according to management consultancy Janco Associates.

  • Optus delays mobile storage lockers

    Premium-Inhalt. Optus is in preparations to launch its own version of popular storage locker service Dropbox, allowing mobile customers to back up their data to the telco's storage infrastructure.

  • Microsoft quarter rescued by Microsoft Office

    Premium-Inhalt. Microsoft enjoyed strong income and revenue growth for its third fiscal quarter despite sluggish PC sales, with Xbox and Office doing well, the company reported Thursday.

  • Xoom does better than expected

    Premium-Inhalt. Motorola Mobility shipped 250,000 Xoom tablets in the first month the device was available, the company said on Thursday as part of its first-quarter earnings report.

  • NY Yankees staffer accidentally e-mails customer list

    Premium-Inhalt. A customer service representative with the New York Yankees accidentally e-mailed out personal details on close to 18,000 season ticket holders, the baseball team said Thursday.

  • What We're Reading from the May 1 Issue of CIO Magazine

    Premium-Inhalt. How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries By Peter Sims

  • How to Bring Outsourced Services Back In-House

    Premium-Inhalt. When CVS signed a multi-year infrastructure outsourcing deal with Perot Systems in 2004, then-CIO Karl Taylor said the relationship would serve the pharmaceutical giant's IT needs more cheaply and efficiently than keeping the work in-house.

  • Motorola Droid 3: Coming Soon?

    Premium-Inhalt. The phone that helped may soon have a sleek new sibling.

  • Latest iPad security threat: fake jailbreak code

    Premium-Inhalt. An anonymous coder is messing with the heads of jailbreakers – the folks who develop and run code that lets your Apple iOS device load applications without having to rely solely on the company’s iTunes service.  The twist: this code, by design, fails to jailbreak your iPad.

  • Visa Gets Behind Mobile Payment Startup Square

    Premium-Inhalt. Square, a mobile credit card processing startup, received an undisclosed strategic investment from Visa, the world's largest credit card company. The investment is strategic because probably doesn't need the cash. The company was started in 2009 by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, and recently closed a $27.5 million round of funding at a $240 million valuation.

  • Samsung Series 6500 PN50C6500TF

    Premium-Inhalt. As 50-inch 1080p go, the Samsung Series 6500 PN50C6500TF (listed at $1500 on Samsung's site, available for approximately $1200 to $1300 at online stores as of April 10, 2011) delivers all the connected features you could ask for in Samsung's typically user-friendly package. This set is an older model (from 2010), however, and--though its image quality was quite good--its so-so audio, bare-bones hardware, and lack of 3D support reflected its age.

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