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Meldungen vom 15.03.2011

  • Elektronik droht teurer zu werden

    Engpass durch Beben

    Die Katastrophe in Japan dürfte auch den deutschen Verbraucher treffen. …mehr

  • Auch Hewlett-Packard setzt verstärkt auf die Cloud

    Apotheker präsentiert Strategie

    Der neue Hewlett-Packard-Chef Léo Apotheker hat gestern vor US-Analysten seine neue Strategie für den Konzern präsentiert.  …mehr

  • Twitter in Zahlen


    Twitter wird bald fünf Jahre alt und hat anlässlich des Jubiläums allerlei historische und aktuelle Eckdaten veröffentlicht.  …mehr

  • Netztechnik fürs Internet soll intelligenter werden

    TU Berlin

    Eine Projektgruppe an der TU Berlin will den zunehmenden Datenverkehr im Internet intelligenter steuern. …mehr

  • Microsoft gibt Musikplayer Zune auf

    Software lebt weiter

    Microsoft keine neue Versionen seines Musik- und Videoplayers "Zune" mehr auf den Markt bringen. …mehr

  • Android 3.0 im Fokus der droidcon

    1200 Teilnehmer erwartet

    Nächste Woche treffen sich ab Mittwoch auf der droidcon in Berlin führende Entwickler und Experten des mobilen Betriebssystems Android. …mehr

  • Veebeam Box - Filme vom PC auf den Fernseher streamen

    Gadget des Tages

    Mit der Veebeam Box lassen sich Filme vom PC unkompliziert direkt auf den heimischen Fernseher streamen, …mehr

  • Web-Shopping 2.0 bei Demag


    In einem langfristig angelegten Projekt führt Demag Cranes die bisher dezentral organisierten Logiken aus den unterschiedlichen Produktbereichen in einem zentralen Konfigurator zusammen.  …mehr

  • Symbian bekommt Android-Look

    Windows Phone dauert noch

    Nokia plant für dieses Jahres ein großes Symbian-Update, mit dem das Betriebssystem eine neue Bedienoberfläche bekommt. …mehr

  • Der Internet Explorer 9 ist fertig


    Microsoft hat nach ausführlicher öffentlicher Beta-Phase seinen neuen Browser Internet Explorer 9 zum Download bereitgestellt. …mehr

  • Projekterfolg hängt von der Motivation ab


    Wenn IT-Projekte scheitern, dann oft auch an der Einstellung der Mitarbeiter. Nur wer ihnen ihre Ängste nimmt und sie rechtzeitig einbindet, bringt die neue Software zum Erfolg.  …mehr

  • Intel übernimmt ägyptische Softwarefirma SySDSoft


    Intel stärkt sich im Mobilfunkmarkt mit der Übernahme einer ägyptischen Softwarefirma. …mehr

  • Internet-Aktivisten attackieren Bank of America


    Die berühmt-berüchtigte Internet-Gruppe "Anonymous" greift die Bank of America an. …mehr

  • Der Name ist Programm - Transcodierung mit Super

    Kleine Helfer

    Wer mit Quell- und Zielformaten von Multimedia-Dateien munter jonglieren möchte, ist mit "Super" gut bedient. …mehr

  • AVG Antivirus - Mehr als eine Antivirenlösung

    Die App des Tages

    Die App "AVG Antivirus" bietet neben Virenschutz auch Remote Lock & Wipe und einen SMS-Spam-Filter für Android-Geräte.  …mehr

  • Kneipp automatisiert Business-Prozesse

    Kneipptour mit BPM

    Das Traditionsunternehmen hat sich auf den Weg zur Geschäftsprozess-gesteuerten Organisation gemacht.  …mehr

  • Notebook gekauft- Verkäufer muss reparieren dürfen

    Computerfirma siegt vor Gericht

    Der Käufer eines Laptops kann erst dann vom Kaufvertrag zurücktreten, wenn er dem Verkäufer eine Möglichkeit zur Nachbesserung eingeräumt hat.  …mehr

  • Arista claims latency lead with new data center switch

    Premium-Inhalt. Arista Networks this week unveiled a data center switch boasting sub-500-nanosecond latency for financial market trading applications.

  • Stepping out from Hurd's shadow, HP looks to the cloud

    Premium-Inhalt. Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker took a step out of Mark Hurd's shadow Monday, unveiling a new cloud computing platform that puts the company in competition with Amazon and Google.

  • John Gallant: HP's Apotheker lays out new vision for HP. Details to come?

    Premium-Inhalt. SAN FRANCISCO - In 1993, after his first 100 days as CEO at ailing IBM, Louis Gerstner was being pressed to reveal his "vision" of the new IBM to come under his leadership. He famously responded: "The last thing IBM needs right now is a vision."

  • 10 Must-Have Free Downloads

    Premium-Inhalt. Some downloadable software is so good that you just have to grab it. Unfortunately, often you have to pay for it after you try it out. But every once in a while, a must-have program is totally free. Such indispensable, no-cost programs are the hardest kind to find.

  • Using Social Media to Disrupt the Utility Business Model

    Premium-Inhalt. Sungevity, a solar installer and leasing company operating in California, Arizona and Colorado but with nationwide ambitions, recently as its Chief Marketing officer. Crane was previously CMO at LinkedIn, the 3rd largest social network platform provider. Sungevity's intention is to promote its solar installation process through social networks. The company sees this form of communication as an effective means to convince potential customers to make the switch from fossil fuel energy to solar power. Sungevity and Crane are already building a brand around "Solar as a Social Network." Can new entrants like Sungevity use social media to disrupt the traditional utility business model by becoming Social Businesses?

  • Remains of the Day: Truth or fiction?

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple now owns another piece of Beatles history, the iPhone can be used to hijack video billboards, and it's time for another game of "incompetence or malice?" The remainders for Tuesday, March 15, 2011 are stranger than fiction.

  • Imo Brings All Your IMs Into Your Browser

    Premium-Inhalt. Using a Web-based instant messenger makes sense when you can't download or install an IM client. But, too often, Web-based IM services force you to sacrifice the features you know and love for the sake of convenience. Not so with . This free Web-based service offers most of what you expect from your desktop IM client, and even throws in a few extras--no installation required.

  • How to buy the best Brother printer

    Premium-Inhalt. is one of the world's most popular printer manufacturers, making for a wide range of users. We've put together a run-through of the basic prices, features and uses of for home and small business users.

  • Quake damages plants of Fujitsu and Canon

    Premium-Inhalt. The 8.9 magnitude earthquake last week has brought damages to six plants of the Fujitsu Group and several facilities of Canon.

  • iiNet calls for 'independent umpire' to police copyright

    Premium-Inhalt. Australian Internet service provider iiNet has proposed the establishment of an independent body to police copyright infringement by Internet users.

  • Is Google getting into NFC-based mobile payments in New York and San Francisco?

    Premium-Inhalt. Google is neither confirming nor denying a Tuesday that the search giant plans to soon start testing a mobile-payment service at stores in New York and San Francisco .

  • iPad 2 release delayed in Japan

    Premium-Inhalt. Apple, which was to have released the iPad 2 in Japan next week, has delayed the tablet computer's introduction there in light of the earthquake and tsunami that have ravaged the country. 

  • Verizon 4G Faceoff: HTC Thunderbolt or Droid Bionic?

    Premium-Inhalt. Fasten your seatbelts, friends: Verizon's first 4G smartphone has finally arrived.

  • Netflix Dominates Video Streaming: There Will Be Blood

    Premium-Inhalt. No wonder everybody's gunning for . The video-streaming service is more popular than many of us imagined. A new study by market research firm shows that Netflix's share of streamed or downloaded digital movies was a competition-crushing 61 percent between January and February 2011.

  • The Buzzwords of South by Southwest

    Premium-Inhalt. I wanted to write something about the overall gestalt, er, vibe, of this year's South by Southwest, or "South-by," as it is called here. But writing out a long list of companies and describing what they do is a long exercise that might not get the point across anyway.

  • Fujitsu Lifebook T580

    Premium-Inhalt. Carrying around and using the Fujitsu Lifebook T580 illustrates everything that's right, and wrong, with the Windows model.

  • New flash specification doubles SSD data transfer speed

    Premium-Inhalt. A flash memory working group announced a new interface specification on Tuesday that could speed up data transfers from flash storage products such as solid-state drives inside computers and consumer electronics.

  • Breaking down carriers' '4G' wireless spin

    Premium-Inhalt. The major carriers' marketing teams have jumped on the "" bandwagon to such an extent that the term has no real meaning anymore.

  • Breaking down carriers' '4G' wireless spin

    Premium-Inhalt. The major carriers' marketing teams have jumped on the "" bandwagon to such an extent that the term has no real meaning anymore.

  • Origin Genesis Midtower

    Premium-Inhalt. I know what you're thinking -- didn't PCWorld already review the ? Good job, young Padawan, because you're right -- we did. However, this variant of Origin's Genesis line is equipped with midrange components, and a slightly less potent Sandy Bridge processor (the Intel Core i5-2500K). Don't let this fool you, though -- Origin's latest actually outstripped its predecessor on our WorldBench 6 tests, thanks in part to it's RAID 0 array, and an overabundance of RAM.

  • Google buys video-enhancing company to boost YouTube

    Premium-Inhalt. Google has acquired an Irish company for technology that will allow YouTube to automatically improve the quality of videos stored on the site.

  • Four Ways IE9 Lets You Surf Safer

    Premium-Inhalt. Throughout the beta testing phase of Internet Explorer, and the days and weeks leading up to its official launch, much has been made of the hardware accelerated graphics, and the overall immersive experience of the new browser. Another facet of IE9, though--which has received less attention--is the . Here are that make it safer and more secure:

  • Which accessories work with the iPad 2?

    Premium-Inhalt. Just a few short weeks after , it's in the wild and available for purchase. (Well, .) In fact, we suspect many of you already have one in your excited paws. But those of you still contemplating the purchase are likely wondering if such an outlay will render your stash of existing accessories--for iPad, iPhone, or even iPod--obsolete. After all, when you're spending $500, $600, $700, or more on a new iPad, who wants to hand over even more for new add-ons? As we do with each new i-device, we've put the iPad 2 through the accessory ringer to see what works and what doesn't. Here's what we've found so far.

  • Facebook nixes virtualization, eyes Intel microservers

    Premium-Inhalt. Facebook is bucking the trend toward server virtualization and is interested in microservers for inexpensive growth and quick failover, the company's lab director said Tuesday.

  • Facebook Likes This: Lego-Arduino Hack Shows Your Likes

    Premium-Inhalt. Attention Facebook fans! Check out what you get when you combine a love for Zuckerberg's social network, along with some Lego bricks and an Arduino board.

  • Cupcakes, Accounting, and a Microsoft-Dell Makeover

    Premium-Inhalt. It's not always easy to leave behind your time-tested technology, especially when current systems aren't broken. But Microsoft teamed up with Dell and found two small businesses willing to take the leap. The goal was to transform the companies as examples of the tech brands' new hardware, operating systems, and applications.

  • New Seagate Solid State Drives Mean Business

    Premium-Inhalt. Seagate has of solid state drives (SSD)--delivering performance, endurance, and reliability that business can trust. The new drives bring the benefits of SSD to organizations with demanding data storage needs.

  • Uganda calls time out on mobile-phone price wars

    Premium-Inhalt. A precedent in the competitive, fast-growing African telecommunications sector could soon be set if the Ugandan Communications Commission (UCC) moves ahead with guidelines for minimum phone call tariffs.

  • Google extends AdMob support to Windows Phone 7

    Premium-Inhalt. Google on Tuesday invited Windows Phone 7 application developers to start using its AdMob advertising platform.

  • Verizon opts to keep unlimited data plan in its first LTE phone

    Premium-Inhalt. The HTC ThunderBolt Thursday with an unlimited data plan for $29.99 a month, keeping the first LTE from Verizon Wireless in line with unlimited data plans for Verizon's current 3G smartphones, including the 4.

  • Intuit glitch leads to mistaken mega-tax refunds

    Premium-Inhalt. Most U.S. residents would be happy to get a few thousand dollars back from the Internal Revenue Service at tax time. But a snafu in some Intuit software recently resulted in a number of Ohio residents receiving letters indicating that eye-popping sums were en route -- in one , a cool US$200 million.

  • Mobile operators urged to prepare for data deluge

    Premium-Inhalt. With more subscribers expected to access the Internet through their mobile devices, a global solutions provider is positioning its solutions to help mobile operators monetize this opportunity.

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